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Sauvignon Cool Down

Sauvignon Cool Down

Hello all! Let’s have some fun, taste and learn. In the heat and humidity of a Midwest summer, we are going to taste out some Sauvignon Blancs. Specifically, some New Zealand Sauvs. Let’s look at how Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region compare to a Sauv from...

Kettle Sours vs. Traditional Sours

Sours, sours, sours. For those of you who happened to stumble upon this blog and have no idea what beer is, yes, there is such thing as sour beers, and they are made intentionally, and yes, some are excellent. Some beers get sour because they get old and bad, and...

Let’s Make Sangria!

For Summer parties and get togethers, there’s nothing like serving up a fresh batch of sangria to go with party food. It’s so easy and your guests will love it. Drinking fine wine at parties is fun too, but it might not be everyone’s jam. Sangria on the other hand,...

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!

Happy 4th of July! All of us at Top Ten Liquors hope you have a safe and happy Fourth. Find some time to share great wines with friends and family. We have some ideas this week which are budget friendly and great for casual sipping or to go with a holiday spread. The...

Beers for the BBQ

Although we were in a pretty deep weather slump for a bit there, its official, summer is here. The sweltering heat, the sticky humidity, the sunshine, the lake, and of course, the grill. Does anyone not drink beer when they grill? That’s what I thought…   Here are a...
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