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Hot Tip for Spring

Check out Abruzzo. It may not command the same name-recognition as Tuscany, but Italians and Italian wine lovers agree that Abruzzo is where it’s at for authentic Italian wines at a value. The sunny southern region has suffered a bit of a bad rap in recent years...

Can You Dig It?

So you’re on board with organic wines. You’ve kicked the pesticides and the nasty, cheating, trifled-with wines that value marketing over manure. As a planet inhabitant, you’re now part of the solution. Don’t get too comfy, though. We’ve got more digging to do....

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Green Sheep, Wine Sheep

Winery visits are a pleasure we’ve been missing for a while now. But if you’ve been lucky enough to plod through the vineyards of your favorite producer, you know there’s rarely a  category of human so lovely or engaging as those growing the vines for the wines!...

Happy World Malbec Day!

In the market for a wine tasting thrill that comes cheap but makes a surprising impact? Malbec, a darling variety in the US for many years, can be a cheeky little trickster, stylistically speaking.  This has a lot to do with some deeply nerdy “clonal” science...

Spring Tastebud Break

This will be a pretty epic season of breaking routine. As we finally get to see more sun and socialization, let it be a moment of breezy new experiences in wine. Here are some adventurous, genre-bending bottles to challenge your assumptions and strike up new...

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day. Another of those holidays that feels like an excuse to ignore the occasion the rest of the year. Shouldn’t Earth Day be replacing Wednesday at this point? As spring sets in, might we frequent and support our state parks with the same gusto we would our...

Beards Are for the Birds

In case you haven’t heard, beards and beer bellies aren’t prerequisites for making seriously stellar spirits. For Women’s History Month and National Cocktail Day, I spoke with three very talented Minnesotans in the craft spirits world who are handily proving...

Bites of Spring

However you celebrate Easter holidays this year, it’s certainly an excuse to chow down. And what’s a celebratory feast without something cheers-able in your glass? Our team of wine specialists has put together a special menu of festive wine pairings for all those...

From Rack to Bracket

In the spirit of competition, we’ve put some of Top Ten’s top contenders head-to-head to determine which bottles will prove champions of their categories. So fill out your bracket and get out your face paints and foam fingers. It’s game time.  THE CLASSIC...

So Much Sunshine to the Milliliter

What’s up, 5:30 p.m., you’re lookin’ good these days! Sunset is finally retreating into the later hours and we’re digging every extra minute of those sweet rays. If you feel like shaking off the frost of the last few months with some lively liquid sunshine, we’re...

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