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National Cheese Lovers’ Day

There’s a reason cheeses are the most common nosh at a wine tasting. It’s science, it’s tradition, it’s a simple fact — wine’s fruit, acid, and body love cheese’s fatty richness and salt, and vice versa. It’s a great way to explore the ABCs of food and wine...

What Will You Drink in 2022?

PAGE 1 It’s 2022, or so they say. Most things feel familiar, sometimes too familiar, like you’ve fallen down a bizarro Groundhog Day rabbit hole and are hazily repeating the not-so-distant past. Some things just feel weird. Your 2021 survival skills aren’t quite...

Bright Winter Whites

In a season when some of us are making big, optimistic plans and others are still struggling to take down last month’s decorations, a leisurely sip of something bright and comforting at the end of the day can do a lot to combat the chilly weather. Winter white...

Take a Breather with Leitz NA Wines

Phew, how ya feelin’? A little indulgent? A tad partied out? If you might benefit from a moment of temperance this week, we’ve got a new line of beautiful non-alcoholic wines that blow the old standards out of the water. Why is the non-alcoholic wine scene...

It’s not all about Champagne

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors


Time to stock up on sparkling and send this year on its way! If you get the chance to celebrate with your whole crew, we’ve got bottles to pass around or add pizzaz to the lineup. If you’re ringing in the New Year with an intimate dinner or just a cozy couch...

Get the Best Gift Wines for Under $20

It’s the gifting home stretch — you’ve got most everybody covered, but there are always those last-minute forgets and surprises that keep your list from getting checked off once and for all. If you get caught unprepared by a coworker’s kindness, if you forgot...

How to Win at Gifting This Year

If there was ever a year to get proactive with your holiday shopping, it’s looking like this one, y’all. Some of your gift ideas may be subject to the chaos of 2021 logistics, but we’ve got a solid stock of high quality wines that are sure to impress without...

Happy Hanukkah!

We hope you take every opportunity to celebrate this year, and we’ve brought in a new line of Kosher wines to help with the festivities! From semi-dry to sweet, sparkling pink to barrel-aged red, these wines from Italy’s Contessa Annalisa are treated gently to...

Holiday Food Pairings

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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