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Happy Hanukkah!

We hope you take every opportunity to celebrate this year, and we’ve brought in a new line of Kosher wines to help with the festivities! From semi-dry to sweet, sparkling pink to barrel-aged red, these wines from Italy’s Contessa Annalisa are treated gently to...

Holiday Food Pairings

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

Last-Minute Guest Bottles

Oh you lucky, lucky Thanksgiving Guest. You think you’re so cool, avoiding grocery store hell and “stressing” over which cute sweater to pop on at 2 pm Thursday to drive over to your friends’/in-laws’/sister’s house. Not so fast, hotshot — did you remember to pick...

Bienvenue a Bordeaux

An exciting but sometimes mystifying place, Bordeaux has for generations defined the apex of wine quality worldwide. But who can afford that?! There’s no hiding that much of the region remains stuck in the past, stuffy and inaccessible. But the adventurous know, or...

Wines to Impress

We get a steady clip of questions this time of year about which wines to bring to gatherings. It’s remarkably common that our customers can’t quite remember their mother-in-law’s favorite brand, or which Spanish region their fancy friends are always going on...

Trick or Treat?

In this season of mystery and spooky thrills, even the standardly stuck-in-the-mud party poopers have to give themselves over just a bit to the season. Not ready to go gung-ho with the face paint and fake blood? Ease in with some eerie enology instead! BUY NOW French...

Our Bordeaux Crushes

The more we taste of this year’s Bordeaux releases, the more excited we get. There are so many different personalities and styles, and everybody’s bringing their A-game. It’s basically the hottest new dating show without any of the spray tanning or terrible...

Anarchy in the BX

Before the seventeenth century, Bordeaux’s Gironde estuary was the equivalent of the American Wild West — only a whole lot wetter. The now-famous Médoc was boggy and prone to punishing weather, largely uninhabitable by man or grape. Much of the rest of Bordeaux...

New School Bordeaux

If the thought of Bordeaux seems stuffy and cobwebbed, it’s because it has been. For a long time. Though the big Chateaux with their big coffers are still arguably putting out fantastic wines, it’s hard to get excited about if you’ll likely never enjoy a single sip...

Kicking Off Top Ten’s 2021 Bordeaux Expo

October is Bordeaux Season at Top Ten and we’ve got a lot of celebration on our hands! We’ll be rolling out everything from crisp, aromatic white Bordeauxs to decadent dessert Sauternes to the bold and powerful reds at the center of all the Bordeaux buzz. So let’s...

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