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The Return of the Reds — King Cab Edition

Calling all Cabernet enthusiasts — your tried and true favorite is back in the spotlight, this season with a cast of characters you may not have considered before. While Cabernet Sauvignon can read as a stagnant, old-guard variety, there are some growing regions...

Barrel Aged Beers

Let’s continue our foray into National Bourbon Heritage Month with a tasty tour of bourbon-barrel-aged beers! While the tradition of aging beer in barrels is centuries-old, it wasn’t until the 1990s that bourbon-barrel-aged beers cropped up in the United States....

The Return of the Reds — Pinot Edition

While some folks are already gearing up for pumpkin spice season, we’ve got other beverages on the brain — those red wines we’ve been missing all summer long! If you’ve been pining for Pinot of late, we fully endorse getting you two crazy kids reunited. From some...

Bourbon Heritage Month

Okay sure, it’s one of those quasi-pretend holidays (holimonths?) that may seem dubiously marketing-steeped, but bourbon has more cultural clout than some of us remember. When bourbon production laws were laid down in 1964, Congress called this particular potable...

Dear Chardonnay

Have we neglected you, darling? Have you watched us dither away the summer with zesty whites and sultry rosés, only to have your range of crisp orchard fruit and ripe citrus continually under-appreciated and passed by? Please, give us another chance! Let us espouse...

Vino Italiano

Sometimes you just hand over the stage to the all-stars. Italy boasts a winemaking tradition with one of the most voluminous lists of grape varieties, winemaking styles, terroir influence, and high quality wines…often without the markup of similar prestige. So...

Stock up for Red Wine Day

Get a jump on red wine season this August 28th for National Red Wine Day — the perfect opportunity to meet your new faves before it’s time for scarves and stews. With options from smooth and fruity to rich and earthy, we’ve got the standout reds to get any palate...

Sweet Treats

Are you sweet on sweet wines? Need something a little luscious for a loved one? Perhaps you’d like to get decadent without going into a full on chocolate spiral. Or maybe you need something to pair with that chocolate spiral?! However your sweet tooth calls you,...

Summer Thirst-Quenchers

Not to be that guy, but there’s only about a month or so left of true Minnesota summer. That being said, the temperatures certainly haven’t started to fall yet. What better way to make the most of the remaining sultry days than with a crisp, cold beer in hand?...

Our Dear Iberia

Iberia, the hitchhiking thumb of continental Europe, encompasses Spain and Portugal and a whole lotta delicious wine! While many bottles coming out of Iberia are bold and serious, there are thrilling values to be found across the age and style spectrums. Whether...

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