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Our Bordeaux Crushes

The more we taste of this year’s Bordeaux releases, the more excited we get. There are so many different personalities and styles, and everybody’s bringing their A-game. It’s basically the hottest new dating show without any of the spray tanning or terrible...

Anarchy in the BX

Before the seventeenth century, Bordeaux’s Gironde estuary was the equivalent of the American Wild West — only a whole lot wetter. The now-famous Médoc was boggy and prone to punishing weather, largely uninhabitable by man or grape. Much of the rest of Bordeaux...

New School Bordeaux

If the thought of Bordeaux seems stuffy and cobwebbed, it’s because it has been. For a long time. Though the big Chateaux with their big coffers are still arguably putting out fantastic wines, it’s hard to get excited about if you’ll likely never enjoy a single sip...

Kicking Off Top Ten’s 2021 Bordeaux Expo

October is Bordeaux Season at Top Ten and we’ve got a lot of celebration on our hands! We’ll be rolling out everything from crisp, aromatic white Bordeauxs to decadent dessert Sauternes to the bold and powerful reds at the center of all the Bordeaux buzz. So let’s...

The Return of the Reds

Red wine is coming! As a whiff of winter creeps into the air, there’s a coziness we’re beginning to crave after sweating it out all summer. Jumping back to the old standby bottles of red is as easy as digging out your winter boots, but there’s no need to set...

The Return of the Reds — Blends in the House

Ain’t no party like a red blend party — both throwback and cutting edge for red wine lovers. Whether your style is more ancient rustic field blend or super serious Super Tuscan, blending red grapes offers worlds of opportunity from kaleidoscoping fruit flavors to...

The Return of the Reds — King Cab Edition

Calling all Cabernet enthusiasts — your tried and true favorite is back in the spotlight, this season with a cast of characters you may not have considered before. While Cabernet Sauvignon can read as a stagnant, old-guard variety, there are some growing regions...

Barrel Aged Beers

Let’s continue our foray into National Bourbon Heritage Month with a tasty tour of bourbon-barrel-aged beers! While the tradition of aging beer in barrels is centuries-old, it wasn’t until the 1990s that bourbon-barrel-aged beers cropped up in the United States....

The Return of the Reds — Pinot Edition

While some folks are already gearing up for pumpkin spice season, we’ve got other beverages on the brain — those red wines we’ve been missing all summer long! If you’ve been pining for Pinot of late, we fully endorse getting you two crazy kids reunited. From some...

Bourbon Heritage Month

Okay sure, it’s one of those quasi-pretend holidays (holimonths?) that may seem dubiously marketing-steeped, but bourbon has more cultural clout than some of us remember. When bourbon production laws were laid down in 1964, Congress called this particular potable...

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