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And we want you to keep getting the lowest prices possible!

Top Ten Rewards is transitioning to Top Ten Club — and so that you get the best deals possible, simply provide your email address next time you visit any Top Ten Liquors location to upgrade from our Rewards Program to our new Club Program. It’s free and easy to join!

Top Ten Liquors is your one-stop shop for the best prices on all your favorite items! We’re upgrading our Rewards Program to Top Ten Club. It’s easy to upgrade your account: next time you visit any Top Ten Liquors location, simply provide your email address at the register and you’re in! Or join at TopTenLiquors.com as well. It’s free and easy to join! The best part? You receive a $5 welcome gift card simply for upgrading to Top Ten Club.

Top Ten Club is our way of showing how much we appreciate you! From the best pricing on top-selling wine, spirits and beer, to weekly email offers, gift cards earned based on points accumulation (one point earned per $1 spent; earn a $5 gift card for every 1000 points accrued), exclusive Top Ten Club sales, exclusive Sunday-Only deals, new product releases and more, this is one club you need to be a member of.

Wondering what happens to your old Rewards points? Worry not! Once you upgrade, your points will automatically merge into your new Club account and you’ll immediately start earning Club points.

The Rewards program will be officially ending on April 8, 2023, so be sure and upgrade your account to Top Ten Club beforehand so as to not miss out on any amazing benefits and deals!

A new loyalty program designed for you.

Log in or update your account to our new Top Ten Club. You’ll be able to view your purchase history, access your loyalty portal to update your information, and view your rewards.

Top Ten Liquors Club Program Terms and Conditions:


Top Ten Club Members can accumulate rewards points (“Points”) by engaging in various purchasing related activities. Points are recorded in each Club Member’s account and are at times and in Top Ten’s sole discretion redeemable for certain products or services. At any time and in Top Ten’s sole discretion, Top Ten may: (i) determine whether you are eligible to redeem earned Points; (ii) determine whether or not you have earned Points; or (iii) adjust your Points total. PRIOR TO REDEMPTION, ALL POINTS SHALL REMAIN THE SOLE PROPERTY OF TOP TEN LIQUORS.


Participation in the Program and the benefits of the Program are offered at the sole discretion of Top Ten Liquors. To be eligible to enroll in the Program you must be at least 21 years old and have provided a Name, Last Name and an active email address. Your Club Account will be linked by your email address.


By enrolling in the Top Ten Club Program you are giving Top Ten Liquors permission to send you periodic communications about the Program and promotional messages via the email address and phone number you provided via text communication.

Unredeemed Points

Once you have accumulated the required amount of Points in your Club Account, you may elect to redeem your Points via one or more of the available redeemable options. If you elect to close your Club Account, or your account is terminated by Top Ten for any reason and you have unredeemed Points, you will be forfeiting any right to those amounts and thus any unredeemed potential Rewards.

Our privacy commitment

We value the relationship we have with our customers and prospective customers, and are committed to protecting the confidentiality, accuracy and integrity of your Personal Information, meaning information about you that is not publicly available. We understand the importance of keeping your information secure.

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