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There’s one question we get asked more than any other: What’s the best way to learn about wine? Tastings. Lots of tastings!

For years we’ve owned Friday nights with our extensive in-store tasting program, because we know that the best way to learn about wine is to actually taste it.

Understanding how our palates work, the process behind producing a wine, and the place from which the grapes are sourced provides the framework for why and what we taste. Why wines produced from certain regions taste the way they do is essential to any wine aficionado and connoisseur’s knowledge. Social distancing has given us a chance to introduce new, exciting ways for us to keep you tasting and discovering new wines from the comfort of your own home.

That’s why we’ve created the Top Ten At-Home Tasting Program. An in-home wine tasting is the best way for you to get the best bang — and knowledge — for your buck.

We’ve made it simple for you to experience the Top Ten Tastings you know and love from your own home.

At-Home Tasting July, 2021

Please order your At-Home Tasting Kit before July 28th, 2021

West + Wilder

West + Wilder’s showcases top-quality fruit from some of the West Coast’s finest growers in an always accessible format. These cans are not your average beer can. Each is 250ml and a 3-pack equals a full bottle.

At-Home Tasting Bundle Includes

Sparkling White • Rosé • Red Blend


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Anxo Cider

ANXO Cider (pronounced Ahn-Cho) is a Washington, DC based craft cidery inspired by centuries of American and European cider-making culture. The idea of ANXO was first planted in founder and co-owner Sam Fritz’s mind during a life-changing trip to the Basque country of Spain and the West Country of the United Kingdom, where Sam was introduced to the rich history of farming and fermenting apples.

At-Home Tasting Bundle


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La Vieille Ferme

The Perrin family’s involvement in wine dates back to 1909 and the famed Chateau de Beaucastel. Today, their fifth generation of the family is involved in every aspect of the business, including La Vieille Ferme — sustainable, family owned, and focused on tradition and terroir.

At-Home Tasting Bundle Includes

Blanc • Rosé • Rouge


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C’est La Vie

“C’est la Vie!” invites you to simply take life as it comes. Wine is all about sharing and conviviality. C’est la Vie lends a touch of impertinence and daring as it brings its flavor to those spontaneous moments shared over a good glass of wine. It exemplifies a laid-back, informal way of life that the South of France celebrates. C’est la Vie brings a new style and a breath of freshness to a world based on roots and traditions.

At-Home Tasting Bundle Includes

Rosé • White • Red


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At-Home Tasting Kits products available while supplies last.


  1. Our Head of Wine, Siri, is creating a series of At-Home Tasting Kits delivered straight to your inbox every month, each featuring three wines with a special bundle price to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Place your order for Top Ten Pickup at any of our twelve convenient locations before the end of the month. We’ll hold your At-Home Tasting bundle for pickup. You can also buy your bottles in-store anytime.
  3. Every month, we’ll publish a complete tasting guide as a PDF on our website featuring tasting notes for each wine, background about the regions where they were produced, food pairings, and more!


Have questions or want to speak with our experts directly about wine? Send us a note at — our wine leads are here to help you.


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