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In this day and age, there are a ton of different breweries across the world, most of which, never make it to the United States. If they do, there is a good chance that they don’t come to Minnesota. However, once in a while we get the opportunity to try some of these rare or unavailable beers through collaborations. Depending on the collaboration, we get exposed to new methods or versions of our favorite brews.

In this case, we have the pleasure of this new brewery collaboration between WarPigs, Three Floyds, and Mikkeller. Mikkeller out of Denmark is known for creating excellent beers. Plus, they’ve been it out of this market few times. Having them work with the head brewers Kyle Wolak, Todd Haug, and the rest of the Three Floyds gang really is magical. These guys really take the cake, in my opinion.

I have had these brews a few times and have drunk the Foggy Geezer and then the Lazurite and also started with Lazurite and finished with a Foggy Geezer, and both beers are fantastic. So great, in fact, that I can’t choose a favorite. Both are a great addition to the available collaboration IPAs in the market.

– Cassie

And Now, the Brews


War Pigs Three Floyd’s and Mikkeller | Foggy Geezer | Hazy IPA
War Pigs
Pours super hazy, it’s called “Hazy IPA” for a reason. It explodes with extra flavor, tickling your nose with enticing tropical fruit and evident bitterness. Foggy Geezer hits your mid palate with a dang good burst of juicy fruit and a super danky twang that seems to lifts off of your tongue, resulting in the perfect balance of fruit and bitterness. Very delightful.
6 pk Cans | 8% ABV | 70 IBUs



War Pigs Three Floyds Mikkeller | Lazurite | IPA
War Pigs In comparison to the Foggy Geezer, the nose on the Lazurite is a bit milder. You still get a nice subtle tropical smell, but not a blast of aromas like Geezer. Both piney and dank flavors that come off as a bit sticky on your palate. Really nice tropical notes, and just a bit sweeter than Geezer. Seems to be a drier finish that lifts. A really solid IPA.
6 pk Cans | 6.8% ABV | 70 IBUs


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