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Sometimes you just hand over the stage to the all-stars. Italy boasts a winemaking tradition with one of the most voluminous lists of grape varieties, winemaking styles, terroir influence, and high quality wines…often without the markup of similar prestige. So we’ll sit back and let these bottles speak for themselves.

Prosecco Masottina

Get the party going with the obvious — a zesty bottle of bubbly. As Prosecco’s go, Masottina is the stylistic crowd-pleasing Goldilocks to compliment any palate. The sunny lemon fruit and gracious bubble aren’t too sweet or too austere to have with brunch, in your cocktail, or clinking out an evening toast. The nose is slightly floral with a note of almond essence, and the clean lemon palate has added nuances of yellow and green apple and a creamy, vibrant finish.

Colle Corviano Pinot Grigio

This bottle is the answer for SO MANY white wine requests we get in our stores. It has a silky roundness for you Chardonnay drinkers, a fresh intensity of orchard flavors for those “crisp white” lovers, and a clean profile for those who like a more classic Pinot Grigio style. Farmed sustainably in the sunny south of Italy, it’s hard to beat all the value this wine offers. Pull that cork for mineral-laced yellow apple, lemon zest, apricot, and orange blossom.

Palladio Chianti DOCG

Named for the Venetian architect who captured an innovative Italian aesthetic during the Renaissance, Palladio Chianti DOCG is likewise a fresh take on tradition. With vinification taking place in stainless steel and concrete, the style fostered by celebrated winemaker Alberto Antonini eschews the overly rustic and dusty Chianti reputation for fresher fruit and a cleaner finish. Ripe red cherry aromas compliment Sangiovese’s earthy spice, offering clean cherry fruit and blackberry on the palate with slight anise and mineral on the fine-grained finish.

Enjoy these wines anytime thru September 8th, at any of our Top Ten Locations.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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