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In this season of mystery and spooky thrills, even the standardly stuck-in-the-mud party poopers have to give themselves over just a bit to the season.

Not ready to go gung-ho with the face paint and fake blood? Ease in with some eerie enology instead!

French Malbec

Tricksy and Tasty

 Ha-HA! You didn’t know Malbec is originally from France?

We got you!

Okay, it’s not the sneakiest trick of all time (Malbec’s Bordeaux birthplace is fairly common knowledge). However, as the climate warms — surprise! Winemakers are discovering soil pockets where native Malbec is thriving again. In this terroir, Malbec can grow robust and deeply-flavored, rivaling the power and ageability of more prevalent Bordeaux blends.

Arbo Malbec clocks in at 85% of the blend, with the remaining 15% Merlot rounding out some of those broody edges. Densely pigmented with dark plum and prune, blueberry, dark chocolate, black coffee, cinnamon and sweet, smoked mulch, it lurks suspensefullly in the darkness ’til it’s ready to share its secrets.


A Sweet Treat

Sauternes is like autumn sun in a bottle —pristine, bright acid awash in all things fall: honeyed dry apricot, nuts of all kinds, caramels and toffees, toasty warm spices, and an impish decadence that might sneak up on you! Conditions in Sauternes were perfect for botrytis in the 2018 vintage, creating a beautiful level of complexity for Grand Cru Château Lafaurie-Peyraguet’s hand-harvested Sauternes.

Their rather high percentage of Sémillon (93%) brings a fantastic richness, which, when aged 18-20 months in French oak, creates layers of bright apricot, brûlée, candied ginger, saffron, and more developing exotic spices. Perhaps still in its youth, this wine will only continue to develop.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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