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It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Instead of dwelling on the year that was, whether you’re happy with how it turned out or not, let’s bring in 2019 on the right note. With a bit of booze. Now depending on how you want your 2019 to unfold, I’ve got three options that will help you get in the right mindset and help you roll through midnight with the right state of mind.

Cheers to the coming year, cheers to the year that was, and cheers to good beer!

– Tyler – Certified Beer Professional

And Now, the Brews


Indeed Brewing | Wooden Soul: Blue Blood | Brett Saison with Blueberries & Blood Orange
Indeed Blue Blood
Let’s toast with something a little wild, a little tart, a little fruity, and a tab bitter. Weirdly enough, Indeed’s Blue Blood also matches that description! This Brett Saison, brewed with multiple strains of Brett was aged on Blueberry and Bloor Orange resulting in plump aromas of orange, barnyard, a mild blueberry, and a deeply intriguing complexity which keeps my nose coming back. That complexity continues into the flavor with stronger notes of blood orange combined with passion fruit, lightly sour blueberry, and some herbal cloves. If you’re planning on making a lot of moves in 2019, the complexity of Blue Blood will help you get into the right head space to turn your complex 2019 into something that you’ll be able to easily manage.
375 ml | 8.1% | N/A IBUs



Steel Toe | Size 4 | IPA
Steel Toe SIZE 4 Steel Toe Size 4 came out in cans this year, and for that, I am so thankful. This session IPA boasts aromatic hops, citrus, pineapple, tangerine, and good bitterness following. Not too complex, which is good if this is what you’re toasting with, something that won’t be in contention with the rest of the things in your stomach at midnight. Light honey is combined with a solid malt base to balance out the tropical fruits, the hoppy resin, pineapple and citrus that all comes to a head on the palate. Sitting at a mere 4.4%, this will get you from noon to midnight without any issues! For the person looking to have a solid, not all that eventful 2019, this is the beer to bring in 2019. Your year will be balanced, exciting, and it would get too crazy.
6 pk Cans | 4.4% ABV | 44 IBUs



Sociable Cider | Fat Bike | Mulled Apple
Sociable Fat Bike Now this will put you in a festive mood. Sociable Cider mulled some cider and boozed it up a bit. Warming aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and applesauce greet the nostrils and bring you back to your childhood. The flavor follows along, almost to a “T”. Plenty of cinnamon and vanilla, combine with nutmeg and cloves and slightly tart apple. It’s warm, it’s spicy, and its apple juice. The only way to make this better is if it were nice a warm. Drink this if you’re planning live 2019 with a childlike wonder, ready to take on any challenge without any fear or worry, but always having a good time. I mean, YOLO is still a thing, right?
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 5.3% ABV | N/A IBUs


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