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Minnesotans don’t shy away from winter fun. Get us out on those trails and frozen lakes for a bundled-up bash, we’re not scared! But…it helps to have a little help. One of the best weapons against wimping out is a potent potable — something to keep our bellies warm and our cheeks rosy. Go boldly with some liquid fire.

Zenato Valpolicella

Ripasso Superiore

Like many Italian classics, Valpolicellas come in all styles and qualities. Some can feel as light and fruity as a Beaujolais, while others have been blended and vinified to such powerful density as to rival Barolos and Super Tuscans. Some are even enjoyed for dessert. In the case of Zenato’s Ripasso Valpolicella, winemaking steps have been taken to boost the body, flavors, and complexity for a wine that will warm your soul. For the “ripasso” style, the wine is actually vinified twice, the second time adding back dried grape lees for an extra extraction of flavor, and a little extra ABV. After some careful aging, Zenato’s Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore boasts a dense and fruity nose with plum, red apple skin, date, and a little vanilla, rounded out with smoky spice, black pepper, anise, and cured salami on the finishing silky tannins.

Clos de Napa

Reserve Cabernet

If you want our pick for the Cab that delivers the most beyond its price point, it’s this one by leaps and bounds. A benchmark in style, its fruit has been carefully sourced to deliver pedigree without the AVA-upcharge, elegantly structured in the glass and with some exciting potential to age. 24-months’ French oak maturing brings a compelling harmony to this wine’s notes of black cherry, boysenberry, eucalyptus, toasted oak, licorice, and graphite. The tannins are velvet soft on the robust body, promising more development over time if you can resist pairing it with your winter bonfire immediately.

Crooked Water

Lost Lake Barrel Pick Bourbon

Made with chilly Lake Minnetonka excursions in mind, Crooked Water’s ‘Lost Lake’ single-barrel bourbon is perfect for summoning your winter courage. Like all Crooked Water spirits, ‘Lost Lake’ is high-proof and full of flavor, but this batch gets the extra sweet treatment of being finished in freshly used sherry barrels for over two years. A unique and very limited bottling, ‘Lost Lake’ is rich with maple, vanilla, toasty creme brûlée, cherry wood, and warm spice perfect for sippin’ or mixin’.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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