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One of the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a “Winter” beer, odds are your mind goes straight for something dark and roasty. Rightfully so, those beers tend to have a warming quality. These characteristics aren’t specific to a single color or beers. Rather, none full-bodied lighter colored beers can have the same effect on your palette. So, for this week, open your mind to what you think a winter beer can be, and step into a realm where your taste buds can be awarded with an amalgam of styles and flavors.

– Tyler – Certified Beer Professional

And Now, the Brews


Bell’s | Winter White Ale | Belgian Witbier
A great alternative to your typical heavy dark winter seasonal, Bell’s Winter White has been fermented Belgian yeast, which combined with the malt bill, give off warm aromas of nutmeg, clove, coriander, and some sweet wheat. As for the flavor, it follows the smell with the addition of some herbal hops. A nicely balanced Wit actually does a nice job at being a lighter Winter companion. This would be perfect with some mildly sweet fruit pies, salty cheeses, sushi, and some bananas foster if you’re looking to get a bit freaky.
6 pk Bottle | 5% ABV | N/A IBUs



Great Lakes | Christmas Ale | Winter Warmer
great-lakes-christmas-ale Some beers scream “Holiday” simply with a sniff. Great Lakes‘ Christmas Ale is just that. With a nose of ginger, honey, and cinnamon, you’ll be lulled into memories of holiday gatherings at Grandma’s. Freshly baked cookies fresh from the oven and Hot Apple Cider garnished with a whole cinnamon stick. Accompanying those memories, you’ll also smell some good bready malts — be sure to use a good clean glass with this one as the aromatics are half of the show. The tongue registers some sweet honey, abundant, yet not overpowering spices of ginger and cinnamon, plus a slight touch of hop bitterness to compliment the spices. The taste lingers on the palate making it fantastic an array of foods. It’s even great to cook and bake with, check out their website for some of their recommended recipes.
6 pk Bottles | 7.5% ABV | 30 IBUs



St. Bernardus | Christmas Ale | Belgian Quadrupel
Saint Bernardus Christmas Ale Now with something with a long line of history and a whole lot of warming booziness. St. Bernardus, in my opinion, makes some of the best beers in Belgium. Their yeast alone is well known throughout the beer geek world. One sniff and the yeast give away the producing. This yeast has been around since 1946, which is pretty insane. The yeast is the first thing to hit the nostrils with brown sugar, molasses, raisins, licorice, caramel, dates, and a hint of that warm booze. In cahoots with tempting the nose, the flavors seal the deal as this being one of the perfect winter beers. With lots of caramel, toffee and brown sugar hitting the taste buds immediately. It is quite sweet yet balanced by dark fruits and freshly baked toast. Vanilla, nutmeg, and clove also show up to help balance it out, but they are subtle. A creamy mouthfeel is followed by some more warm booze.
24.5 oz Bottle | 10% ABV | 28 IBUs


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