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Ahh the delicate Gose, an almost forgotten German traditional beer.

This unique style of beer is making a comeback in the world of craft beer. As more and more American beer drinkers are being exposed to new styles of beer, this is an excellent introductory sour beer style that won’t make your life sour, or smelly. There is certainly some funk, but nothing like a Gueuze, a type of Lambic beer, which literally smells like gym socks, which it is supposed to. I haven’t had many Gueuzes mainly because my sour palate hasn’t developed to quite that level yet, but also because a well-made Gueuze can be super expensive.


Goses; wheat beers that sour due to exposure to Lactobacillus bacteria and exhibit flavors of tartness, herbal spice, and salt. The saltiness comes from either local German water with high salt contents or added salt. Because there is salt added, and sometimes coriander too, it does not comply with Reinheitsgebot – the “German Beer Purity Law” – which states that the only ingredients allowed in beer were water, barley, and hops. It became known as a regional specialty, so was given exemption from the law.

So now, I’ll be talking about a couple super-Americanized takes on a Gose, which are highly fruited, among other unique ingredients.

– Will

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And Now, the Brews

Founders Brewing Co. | Grand Rapids, MI | Green Zebra | Gose
I really like this beer. This was my gateway beer into the world of Goses. I remember taking my first sip during some sampling of a few sours, and it honestly blew me away. I had no idea that I liked salty beer or that I liked watermelon in beer, but the combo in this beer is just spot on. Green Zebra, or ‘The Zeebs’, as I like to call it, is a refreshing treat that features watermelon as the prominent flavor. A super soft mouthfeel and dry finish comes courtesy of the addition of sea salt. It’s a tart watermelon Jolly Rancher, and it’d be wise of you to snag some before it’s gone.
15 pk cans | 6 pk cans | 4.6% ABV | 10 IBU



DESTIHL Brewery | Normal, IL | Wild Sour Series: Key Lime Pie Gose | Gose
I always considered the Dosvidanya beers (barrel aged stouts) as the best from DESTIHL, and I suppose I still do, but dang this gives them a run for their money. Without a doubt this is the best beer from the Wild Sour Series that I’ve had to date. A super tart and salty Leipzig-style Gose gets additions of key lime, vanilla and lactose to create a liquid version of the popular dessert. This is a super limited run and I’m sure that it won’t last, so like I’ve said before and will say again, get it before it’s gone!
4 pk cans | 5.2% ABV | 12 IBU



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