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Not to be that guy, but there’s only about a month or so left of true Minnesota summer. That being said, the temperatures certainly haven’t started to fall yet. What better way to make the most of the remaining sultry days than with a crisp, cold beer in hand? We’ve highlighted a few refreshing summer favorites to get on your radar before the end of the season.

Enjoy! -Reily

Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale

Nothing pairs quite like Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale and summer. While Bell’s Brewing of Comstock, MI may be best known for their phenomenal Two Hearted American IPA, their easily approachable Oberon has been flying off our shelves in all its seasonal glory. Clocking in at a sessionable 5.8% ABV, this delicious and refreshing brew has zesty notes of citrus, the slightest spice, and a bright, clean finish.

Pryes Royal Raspberry

Even if you’re not a beer geek, you likely know how spoiled we are in the Twin Cities to enjoy multiple world-class breweries producing world-class beer. Minneapolis’s Pryes Royal Raspberry sour is a great starting point for someone who hears “beer” and auto-imagines a hearty stout or a watery Domestic LightTM. Royal Raspberry is tart and sweet and to the point; but at only 4.8% ABV, this crushable kettle sour is a welcome foray into the world of expanding horizons.

Steel Toe Size 4

If you’re a regular at our St. Louis Park location, you can’t get more local than SLP’s own Steel Toe Brewing. Known for their killer IPAs, Steel Toe’s Session IPA doesn’t sacrifice bold hop flavors or aromas just because it’s lower in ABV. The aptly named Size 4 clocks in at 4.4% ABV and 44 IBUs—specs that make for a crisp, flavorful and affordable brew. Juicy, citrusy, and perfectly bitter, you can buy Size 4 by the 6-pack and enjoy all day long.

-Reilly Patrick, Team Member Saint Louis Park

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