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It’s no secret that today’s Craft Beer scene is insanity. Young entrepreneurs are getting into the business early and are eager to make their mark. With new breweries popping up every week, they have to do something to stand out. The market has evolved, and it’s no longer about Malts.

As a new brewery, to stand out you have to give the people what they want. Many people don’t want just ‘beer’ these days, they want something that tastes like candy. Something that traditional European brewers who abide by Reinheitsgebot would scorn.

Reinheitsgebot, of course, is the German Purity Law that states that beer must be comprised of strictly 4 ingredients: water, hops, barley, and yeast. Certainly not sweetening agents, and most definitely not literal dessert, like a couple of the beers that follow.


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And Now, The Brews!

The Brewing Projekt

Eau Claire, WI | Bounce Bounce Clap Clap | Sour IPA

I know I’ve written about milkshake IPAs in the past, and I know I’ve also written about sours, but I think this is the first time writing about both, but like in one, ya know?

Bounce Bounce Clap Clap is a sour milkshake IPA that’s brewed with lactose and vanilla. Things that many people think shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as beer. But here we are, yet another banger of a beer that’s brewed with the ingredients in ice cream. This collab between Drekker and Brewing Projekt – neither of whom I have had the fortune of featuring in the past – is brewed with raspberry and lemon puree (that’s right, the good stuff, not flavoring and residual sugars), and then soured in the kettle to give it a puckering punch with natural tartness from the raspberry and lemon. The result is a sweet, tart, refreshing, cocktail-esque brew that pours a light pinkish hue.

*Side note: if you know the song that inspired this beer, and if you come to the Chanhassen store and show me this blog post, you get a can on me! Can I get a…

4 pk cans | 7% ABV | No IBU

Prairie Artisan Ales

Krebs, OK | Rainbow Sherbet | Sour Ale

So we’ve established that beers are allowed to use ice cream ingredients, but Prairie decided to take it another direction and brew a beer with rainbow sherbet. Along with raspberry, pineapple, and orange, they literally dumped in a ton of rainbow sherbet in the whirlpool, creating a super fruity summer forward sour ale.

Prairie says, “Do yourself a favor and toss one in the cooler on your way to the pool or river, you deserve a rainbow!”

My only modification would be to cater to us Minnesotans, so toss one in your cooler on the way to the pool or LAKE!

4 pk cans | 5.2% ABV | No IBU

Forager Brewery

Rocherster, MN | Perma-Grin: Blancmange | Fruited Sour IPA

So I gave Forager a shout out in my Mother’s Day post, but that was truthfully only off word of mouth and research that told me that Forager was dope. I had never tried their beer. And then, somehow, some way, by the graces of the Beer Gods themselves, I ended up with a couple crowlers in my possession. Okay, it wasn’t the Beer Gods, it was my Dad, so thanks, Pops.

This IPA is brewed with passion fruit, tangerine, a bit of creamy coconut milk, of course lactose and vanilla, and MARSHMALLOWS. Yeah, those things that you roast over the fire. In your beer. It’s wonderfully tart, very sweet and super creamy. This dessert inspired pastry sour is guaranteed to keep you smiling even on the hottest of days.

750 ml Crowler | 6% ABV | 4 IBU

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