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People always ask me, “What is your favorite wine. What do you drink at home?” Picking a favorite wine is difficult since I have been drinking wine regularly since, well, a long time ago. There have been so many great wines over the years (some due to the great memories they evoke and some due to outstanding flavor profiles) that it is not a short answer but for the sake of this blog I will narrow it down. My favorite region for wine where I consistently find great bottles is Southern France. The Rhóne Valley, the Languedoc and it’s fabulous AOCs, and the Côtes du Roussillon going all the way to the Spanish border are the places I go to get my “jam” going. I love wines from all over the planet in a thousand different styles, but I can honestly say that wines from Southern France are my favorite.  Below are the wines I think you should try out this week.

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-Bill the Wine Guy



Jeff Carrel Sous la Montagne Côtes du Roussillon 2016
“Translucent dark purple. The nose combines beauty and elegance, with notes of black cherry jam, blackberry cream, incense and sweet spices. The mouth is delicate, whilst deploying a dense, velvety, and enveloping matter with tannins that start to show. They are still gaining power in a fresh and expressive finish, with intense black cherry and spicy cocoa that eventually take over. 27 % 89 year old Carignan / 14 % 31 year old Carignan / 30 % 30 year old Syrah / 23 % Grenache / 6 % 41 year old Lledoner Pelut “ Jeff Carrel’s notes
Regular Price $24.99
Rewards Price $17.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 25th, 2019



Jeff Carrel Fitou 2016
jeff-carrel-fitou-sous-la-montagne-languedoc-roussillon-france-10987900 “Reserved, with creamy and milky notes of black fruits and also of sweet spices. Round, ample, with a mature, juicy and velvety feel. On the whole, it is tense, fresh and well balanced, and dominated by black cherry and cocoa flavors. A fine chewy finish, always on the same aromatic tastes, noble and bitter, has an unexpected acidity that prolongs the wine with a lot of pep. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan.” Jeff Carrel’s notes
Regular Price $24.99
Rewards Price $17.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 25th, 2019



Jeff Carrel Les Darons AOP Languedoc Rouge 2016
Grenache and Carignan have long been cultivated in Southern France and represent the “forefathers” of the Languedoc Appellation’s red wines. An homage showcasing these varietals, this wine was subsequently labeled “Les Darons”, the affectionate expression for “The Parents” in the Parisian suburbs where winemaker Jeff Carrel was born.  An accessible wine with loads of character, “Les Darons” is packed with ripe, red and dark fruit aromas, with plenty of spice and a streak of underlying minerality. Serve With: Enjoy this classic, unoaked red with a wide range of everyday meals.
Regular Price $19.99
Rewards Price $15.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 25th, 2019



Domaine Piquemal Côtes du Roussillon Tradition 2016
piquemal-tradition-1374722-s398 This has become one of my favorite producers. Classic family owned Cotes du Roussillon producer from just north of Perpignan growing Grenache, Syrah and Carignan. The wine is purple with bright edges. No oak used here, just stainless steel vessels for fermentation and finishing. Flavors of dark berries, wild herb, fennel and a hint of bacon. Marie-Pierre Piquemal is still in her 30s and she was The Guide Hatchette 2018 Winemaker of the Year! This is one of the best buys in the whole store!
Regular Price $17.99
Rewards Price $11.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 25th, 2019



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