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Siri Says:

Sometimes when you’re not looking, who you are appears -A woman in wine.  

I begged myself into a coveted NYC restaurant in Tribeca.  It was out of my league and the hiring Maître D’ never let me forget it.  The weekly wine trainings were the worst — I was frightened every time.  The ghostly figures of bottles like the perennial Christmas ghost finding their resting place saying, Tell me about myself:  what grape am I?  Where do I come from?  Do you like me?  Please don’t forget me.  Let me come back. Let me live! I will drink better, I told the wines. I promise, I just need more time. The first wine training, I sat in silent terror.  My wine knowledge and experience could fit in a thimble.  That’s problem when you’re trying to break into the serious world of NYC restaurant Could I make it?  Did I have enough teeth to grit? Life finds a way to hand you a baton of answers.  Sometimes you run with it and other times you bury it like a bone for later.  It’s not until the finishing line that you realize you’ve been carrying who you are. After years of absorbing tasting after tasting and watching in awe as my mentors taught me everything they knew, I was finally able to become what I am today: A Woman in Wine.  Becoming the Top Ten Liquors wine buyer was a climb not without help.  This month is International Women’s month.  In honor of it, I’d like to recognize the local women — Nikki Erpeldinger, Erin Ungerman, and Lisa Lehar in particular – for acting as an inspiration and friend to my career.

Buyer of Top Ten Liquors, Siri Says:  Great Dames, Cheers!

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