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Okay, I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday so why am I talking about Sicilian wines? Fair question. Probably because holiday revelers will need some wine to go with the brisket or the stew they are preparing and there are no Irish wines to be had.  Instead of focusing on where your wine comes from, let’s focus on wine profiles that help your Irish food sing.  The wines I am highlighting this week come from the Tasca family, a clan of their own with historic ties to wine and food (check out Contessa Anna Tasca’s cookbook to see what I mean).  The Sallier de la Tour Inzolia is a white wine that will be terrific with flavorful seafood and chicken dishes.  The Sallier de la Tour reds (the Nero d’Avola and Syrah) will work for traditional St. Patrick’s Day fare as well as a ton of other food options.  For those of you still intent on a “green” connection to observe the day, rest easy because these wines are made in vineyard utilizing Earth friendly practices!  See what I did there?  Anyways, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and try some Sicilian wine with your stew and soda bread.


-Bill the Wine Guy



Sallier de la Tour Inzolia DOC Sicilia 2017
The Inzolia is among the local varieties that best expresses the Mediterranean aromas, specifically orange blossom and almonds. The wine is fresh in style with some weight on the palate showing some white peach and pear flavors.
Regular Price $14.99
Rewards Price $11.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 11th, 2019



Sallier de la Tour Nero d’Avola DOC Sicilia 2016
tasca-d-almerita-sallier-de-la-tour-nero-d-avola-sicilia-igt-sicily-italy-10469732 The low yields guarantee a high quality and concentrated harvest. Choosing to age wine partly in wood and partly in steel barrels, allows the producer to combine fresh and fruited notes of a young wine, to extremely elegant spicy and fennel aromas, which are usually indicators of good aging potential through time.
Regular Price $14.99
Rewards Price $11.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 11th, 2019



Sallier de la Tour Syrah DOC Sicilia 2016
For Sallier de La Tour the Syrah grape represents a key variety, for its development potential in this territory. The Sicilian expression of a variety with unknown origins that found a way to thrive in this area. A slow and complete ripening enhances the typical notes of this vineyard, resulting in a ruby red wine with purple shades, with an intense and fruited aroma and hints of small blackberries and spices.
Regular Price $14.99
Rewards Price $11.96 375ml
Prices good thru April 11th, 2019



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