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Another week has passed and that means another entry into the annals of the Beer Blog. As I type this up with my headphones on, my brain is just trying to keep up with the new single Radiohead dropped. The influx of new beers in the shop has been staggering! Finding room among all of the other fine craft is a full time job in itself. My head was spinning when I was trying to decide which beers to gush about this week, but I found a few gems to break down for you fine folks… without further delay lets move on to the thing you clicked the link for, the beers.


And Now, the Brews

Sixpoint | Jammer Gose
Sixpoint Jammer
The first beer on the docket is Sixpoints new Gose, Jammer. A fitting beer to kick off the weeks reviews since I am jamming out in my headphones while I type this. A clean golden hue makes this sour look enticing. With a delicate berry nose and bright, clean tartness make this the perfect patio sipper. A great Gose for those who are just dipping their toes into the realm of sour ales.
6pk cans | 4% ABV | 16 IBUs
Serving: Pairs well with a sunny afternoon filled with an old fashion game of lawn darts with 911 on speed dial… because safety first.



Lagunitas | Aunt Sally
Aunt-Sally-Lagunitas-12oz-Bottle The perpetually fancy folks over at Lagunitas never seem to disappoint. When I heard about the wide release of a sour from them I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The dry hopping on this ale adds a distinct bitterness that reminds me of a nose full of citrus rind. The overt tropical flavor paired with the aforementioned bitterness makes for a complex flavor profile. A delicious pallet puzzle I’d love to try to solve over and over again.
6pk btl | 5.7% ABV | 33 IBUs
Serving: Pairs perfectly with family gatherings where you don’t want to share your beer stash with your cousin who guzzled down his domestic adjunct lager before dessert even hit the table… sorry Cousin Ricky, this oddball is spoken for.



Deschutes | Hop Slice IPA
HopSlice_Bottle Admittedly, I am a sucker for session ales. Any beer I can crush several of and not end up wearing a lamp shade as a cheap joke at a party is a winner in my book. It’s as fruity as it’s big brother, Fresh Squeezed on the nose, without the knock out one two punch. Hop Slice does a fantastic job of capturing a great hoppy flavor profile without the heavy hitting alcohol content.
6pk btl | 4.5% ABV | 45 IBUs
Serving: For optimal pairing enjoy this beer with inebriated friends who are willing to cover the cost of late night pizza… because free pizza is the best kind of pizza.


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