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Tis the season to drink pink! Happy Mom’s day to all you Moms out there. For all you folks in need of something for your Mother I suggest a bouquet of Rosés! The 2015 pinks are coming right now and they are fresh and beautiful. The Rosé category has been growing in popularity in the U.S.A. for 20 years now.

We are not talking about White Zinfandels (although they are also Rosés) but the dry to slightly sweet (also called off-dry) wines that are European classics and now seem to come from every wine region on the planet. These are refreshing, tasty and aromatic stunners, great with salads, grilled fish and chicken or simply patio sippin’.

It’s all in the maceration time. Red Grapes for reds and Rosés.

All the pigments for grapes are in the skins and when you ferment a red grape with the juice in contact with the skins the wine will take on some color so maceration is fermenting the whole berries not just fermenting the juice. If the juice is on the skins for more than a couple days you’ll have a red wine. If the juice is in contact with the skin for 12 to 30 hours a nice pink wine results. After a short period of maceration the juice is removed from skin contact and finished off like a white wine. We have Rosés in stock made from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Grenache, Sangiovese and many other grape varietals. Mix some up for Mom or yourself.

-Bill the Wine Guy



Martin Ray Rosé of Russian River Pinot Noir 2015
100% Russian River Pinot Noir showing lots of cherry and raspberry flavors. The wine is elegant and perfectly balanced with a satisfying mid-palate.
Regular Price $12.99
Sale Price $10.39 | Rewards $9.96 750ml
Prices good thru June 2nd, 2016



Sables d’Azur Cotes de Provence 2015
Sables_dAzur_bottle Beautiful salmon pink color with a slightly earthy nose filled with berries and flowers. Medium bodied wine for salads, seafood and lighter pasta dishes.
Regular Price $13.99
Sale Price $11.19 | Rewards $10.96 750ml
Prices good thru June 2nd, 2016



Caves de Saumur Cabernet de Saumur 2015
Dry, light and slightly tart, featuring flavors of strawberry, cranberry and a hint of melon. The aromatics are outstanding in the glass bringing you back for another sniff. A refreshing quaff that pairs well with fruit, cheese and lighter fare.
Regular Price $11.99
Sale Price $9.59 | Rewards $8.96 750ml
Prices good thru June 2nd, 2016


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