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In the spirit of competition, we’ve put some of Top Ten’s top contenders head-to-head to determine which bottles will prove champions of their categories. So fill out your bracket and get out your face paints and foam fingers. It’s game time. 


There’s no question Chappellet is the tried-and-true veteran in this matchup, but Ironside Reserve has heart! And a ton of crisp, delicious fruit. This is a potential upset to highlight on your bracket, but we promise you won’t be mad about trying either delicious bottle. 

Chappellet Double C | Ranch Chardonnay

750 ml | Reg: $29.99 

Chappellet is an elite but largely underhyped Napa producer. The Double C Ranch bottling is a classic example of Napa Chardonnay, but you’ll be blown away by the value. Fresh pear and yellow apple swirled with yellow flowers, toasty toffee, and vanilla makes this one tough to beat.  

Rewards Price: $19.96


90+ Cellars | Ironside Reserve Chardonnay

750 ml | Reg: $24.99 

Just a tad new-school, Russian River Valley fruit is at the heart of the Ironside Reserve’s fresh citrus, bright honeysuckle, and subtle pineapple, which elevate the more classic notes of orchard fruits and vanilla cream. Watch out, this juice plays for keeps. 

Rewards Price: $17.96


It’s Southern France vs. Columbia Valley — both regions known for distinct experimentation and interesting and delicious results. While Domaine Pontbriand might be the underdog with its non-traditional blend, it brings a lot of fruit muscle against the more light and agile Three Rivers Red Blend. 

Domaine Pontbriand | Pays De Vaucluse

750 ml | Reg: $14.99 

With a 50/50 makeup of traditional and innovative grape varieties, this is one of the more surprising styles of wine you’ll find from France. Rich with powerful plum and fig notes, the body keeps it smooth and juicy into a dry but herbal finish. If you’ve been a fan of Old World Grenache or Primitivo, meet your new muse.  

Rewards Price: $9.96


Three Rivers | Red Blend

750 ml | Reg: $15.99 

This wine is light on its feet while still packing plenty of flavor. Definitively acid driven, there’s tons of bright cherry, cranberry, and tart plum, with a grounding herbal note. More versatile with food and more crowd-pleasing than most in its category, Three Rivers Red is absolutely a wine to get behind. 

Rewards Price: $11.96

All prices valid through 3.24.21

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