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Step right up for the greatest show in your living room! We’ve got a triple feature of flicks to defrost your late winter evenings, paired with wines to make a real event of it. So pop your corns & your corks, and cozy up for a night at the Top Ten Drive-In! Headlights off, please.


A League of Their Own + High Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Let’s hear it for the ballplayers of the All American League! This film is an easy to love classic, from Lori Petty to Geena Davis to Madonna, and Tom Hanks has his…iconic moments as well. A charming blend of comedy, heartstring-pulling, and some killer montages, it’s the perfect pairing for all-American High Valley Sauv Blanc. Soft but zippy with pink grapefruit, fresh kiwi, orange blossom, mango, and tropical pineapple, it’s a sustainably-farmed treat to feel good about. Chill down for yourself or pack in your squad for some delicious sips and lots of laughs.


Speed + Lady Slipper Blanc

If you’re buckling in for the twist-a-minute rollercoaster that is Speed, you need a pairing that can keep up. Whether it’s the constant double down of impossible stunts or the steamy eye contact between Sandy and Keanu that gets your heart pumping, we offer Lady Slipper Blanc to chill your thrills. As you white-knuckle along with our heroes, crack a convenient can of Lady Slipper Blanc, a fizzy white blend made for Minnesota by Cali Wine celeb, Andrew Jones. Unfiltered and racy with aromatics, Lady Slipper is a wild ride of citrus, fragrant pear, guava, apricot, and peach for days. Don’t worry, if you have to pause your sipping, you won’t blow up the bus.


The Princess Bride + Colle Corviano Sangiovese

A pairing that conquers all obstacles — The Cliffs of Insanity, The Fire Swamp, and even the dastardly six-fingered man. The love story of Westley and Buttercup defies and answers all genres, so we wanted to go out with an equally versatile and iconic bang. On-the-nose apt for gravel-scrambling sword fights, Sangiovese is meaty, bold, and earthy, expressed at its height of flavor in the southern Italian region of Abruzzo. Not at all wimpy or thin, this Sangio is full of lush red cherry, plum, warm earth, fine tannin, and a savory hint of salami. Take your romance a little bloody? As you wish.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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