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Last week we featured some great wines from Southern Italy. During the Saturday tasting, these wines wowed our customers. And why not? Great quality and a modest price should always lead to success. Now we go north to Trentino and Piedmonte where the wines are as beautiful as the vistas. The cooler climate of the north creates wine with fresh acidities and delicate flavors. But don’t be fooled, they can still go with some hardy cuisine. Barbera is my preferred pizza wine and Pinot Noir goes with all grilled meat, white meat, and fish. Pinot Grigio is the perfect aperitif and a great wine to unwind with after a hard day’s work. You’ve earned it.

Bill The Wine Guy



Damilano Barbera d’Asti 2013
Intense purple/red color with fruity berries and light spicy notes. Ethereal, with notes of currant, violet, cherry, and a touch of vanilla with a persistent finish. Pairs well with first courses such as red meats, aged cheeses, and pizza.



Lechthaler Pinot Noir
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Medium ruby red color with great berry flavors. The wine has a soft texture and an elegant finish. It is so easy to pair foods with this kind of wine; there are endless possibilities. Attention Game of Throne fans! This is the wine for quaffing while watching – check out the Dragon labels!


Lechthaler Pinot Grigio
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Straw yellow with copper reflections. Delicate fruit bouquet and pleasing to the nose with a hint of pear. The wine is dry, and harmonious with a good balance. An excellent aperitif; pairs well with typical Mediterranean dishes and grilled fish such as trout and salmon.


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