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Hi! My name is Aaron Petermeier and I am the Assistant Manager at our Andover location. We talk about a lot of things here but I felt it important for you to understand my history with a mutual friend of ours, Beer. The first time I experienced what good beer tasted like was in San Diego when my fellow Marines and I walked into a random bar and asked what they had on tap. Like the good bartender he was, he did not mention the normal Bud light \Coors light, instead, he recommended a taste from a little brewery named Stone. Putting our trust in him, we tried the beer and it was AWESOME. It didn’t hurt that the name of the beer seemed to fit us -Arrogant Bastard. From there it didn’t take long before I realized that beer could be so amazing, from the smell to the color and, of course, the taste. That night in a San Diego bar was just the spark but it wasn’t until my Dad took me to his home brew club that I really identified my love and appreciation of craft beer. It was at these monthly meetings that I got to try a variety of beer styles that I never knew existed. It was like I found the mother ship of beer lovers-REAL BEER LOVERS. Shortly after joining the club, I received a home brew kit and learned how to craft my own beer. I really love the process and have become impassioned with the in’s and out’s of all things beer. Now what I most look forward to is finding “the” beer for someone that will open them up to this love of beer that so many people are enjoying.

So, with that, let me find you a beer!

Now back to your regularly scheduled brewcast.

You need to try this brewery: Six Point out of Brooklyn, NY. From their slick packaging to the last drop of sweet nectar- these guys are doing everything right in my book.

So, with that, let me find you a beer!

And Now, the Brews

The Crisp | Pilsner
This is a great Pilsner and the title (The Crisp) really dose describe the essence of this beer. This is a pilsner that is not too light in flavor and keeps you engaged to the very bottom of the glass. It smells of light earth tones with a hint lemon zest. The Crisp has a beautiful straw color that reminds me of summer nights. This could be a new go- to beer in this season. There is just a smidgen of a hop bite but rest assured- that is appropriate for this style. The finish of The Crisp is the best part. It’s very clean, crisp and has a dryness that seduces you into coming back for more.
6 pk cans | 5.4% ABV | 44 IBUs
Serving: This would pair well with broccoli chicken hot pockets or a cracked pepper seared tuna.



Resin | IPA
resin_can_web This beer is not for timid with the IBU of 103 and 9.5 ABV. I was in hop heaven. There are not too many IPAs with this high of IBUs that gets this beer veteran with its striking hop punch. Don’t get me wrong, I love a well-rounded beer but sometimes I crave the experience of a big HOP BOMB. For everyone looking for that type of thing-this is it. The color of Resin is golden with a touch of red. It smells of lemon and lime zest, with no hint of “boozy” left in the nose. The taste of hops just floods you with an intoxicating bitterness. I would normally prefer a beer with tropical fruit notes but with this you simply don’t need it. The best way to describe the taste would be that of cracking a fresh bag of hops-just that beautiful smell-boom-coming alive in liquid form. The finish is also nice for a big beer. I love that it is not too sweet. Sometimes I find that the sweeter beers can leave your mouth feeling sticky and the aftertaste can linger too long. Resin had a nice dry finish that left me anticipating the next sip.
6 pk cans | 9.5% ABV | 103 IBUs
Serving: This would pair well with Beef Ramen Noodles or Lobster.


I truly hop(get it?!) that that you stop in and pick up some Resin and The Crisp.

My body is not a temple…..it’s a microbrewery with legs.

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