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Libretto is a fitting name for our newest collection of wines hailing from one of the most ideal grape-growing region, Columbia Valley and Yakima Valley.  Columbia Valley enjoys two additional hours of sunlight during their longest growing season, summer, than their popular counterpart California.  They also experience warm days and cool nights which allow for balanced sugar/acid ratio.  This consistent diurnal shift renders wine of incredible fruit offset by a structure from acid or/and tannins. 

Columbia Valleys terroir sets the music for the Libretto wines to sing.  The name Libretto is fitting for the series of wines as it means the text in use or intended for an extended music pieces such as operas, musicals, and cantata. 

The main attributes of the Libretto wine series are that it brings us back to the Do-Re-Me of wines, back to basic.  The series includes:  Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Merlot, Red Blend, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Some or all of the Libretto wines may resonate with you more than others. 

Siri says: We’ll find out what notes you prefer!

The Pinot Gris is dynamite of aromatics redolent of tree and tropical fruits.  There’s also a hint of a pretty floral note. 

On the mouthfeel, it’s juicy yet the acidity is vibrant, and the overall mouthfeel is soft with a clean finish.  This is a beauty.

The Chardonnay like the Pinot Gris is effusive of tree and tropical fruits but shows considerable restraint in the mouthfeel as it finishes with a crisp and clean taste. 

Those of you hankering for unoaked Chardonnay can get all hanky-panky with it.

The Merlot is actually my favorite, the poor grape has a lot to gripe as it still gets a sideway glance for those who remember the Sideway

(even though the movie ends with the protagonist drinking the most iconic Merlot wine, Pomerol).

The black fruit is beautifully developed in its depth and finishes like a C.   Columbia Valley often produces Merlot that’s got more tannic gusto than its hugely popular Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold style defined by its tannic structure.

The black fruit is present but again, the bold tannins work like a permanent black marker against a white paper. 

It’s stark but if you love the beast, then be prepared to growl after a sip.  This wine will drink for days.

The Red Blend consists of %70 Cabernet Sauvignon and %30 Syrah. 

Out of all three reds in the series, the red blend is the driest and most restraint.

The black fruit is ripe but not heady and the finish is dry but not harsh.



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