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It’s Aaron again with this week’s crazy beer pick, CRAZY MOUNTAIN! Now I know this is not a new beer to the market and maybe you were not that crazy about this beer when you had it in the past, but forget whatever you thought about this beer – IT’S ALL NEW! Crazy Mountain Brewing out of Colorado re-designed there labels with some of the craziest hybrid creatures on the market. I’m not going to explain what they’re like – It’s more fun to come up with your own conclusion. Well….We all know labels don’t always make the beer… so let’s see what is under the cap.


And Now, the Brews

Hookiebobb | IPA
Allow me to introduce you to Hookiebobb IPA. As I pour this beer in my glass, I get a nice aroma of fresh hops – not a strong hop aroma but perfectly pleasant balance. The color is a clear, bright golden hue. Now to the taste… I get a lemon and lime zest with a little malt sweetness. If you like a beer with the focus on the hops – this is it. It’s very drinkable, not too bitter even though the IBU is 87. At 6.7 % ABV this did not come off as boozy which is a big plus in my book.

I would rate this 3 out of 5 bottle caps.

6pk btl | 6.7% ABV | 87 IBU
Serving: Pairs well with cold Hawaiian pizza and pork egg rolls.



Emotional Rescue | Double IPA
apost Next up to bat – Emotional Rescue. I believe this is the definition of crazy that they’re going for. BIG, BOLD and Boozy. This beer weighs in at 9% ABV and a whopping 150 IBU. Your taste buds can only detect 100 IBUs so where did the other 50 goes… I’m not sure but it’s AWESOME. If you consider yourself a big hop head, such as myself, this beer is for you. I feel like I have had all the big hoppy beers out there and then BOOM one more that requires residency in my shopping cart! As I pour it in my glass, I don’t get that big aroma of hops like someone would expect from a double IPA. Instead, I am reminded of more mild, earthy notes. The color has nice a rich copper look to it, and is a lot less clear then Hookiebobb, but that is what you should expect from a double. As I take my first sip, the 150 IBU’s prove to be less shy than an extrovert at a 90’s rave. This is a different IPA then the ones you get from this area, Crazy Mountain Brewing takes you on a different direction than the typical big tropical IPAs. Emotional Rescue is more piney, a little earthy-it has a much darker/richer hop profile -this is a nice change. The dressing on my pallet is thick and kind of sticky with just a little boozieness in the finish. I can confidently say that it’s a well-balanced big beer.

I would give this beer 4 out of 5 bottle caps.

6pk btl | 9.0% ABV | 150 IBU
Serving: This beer pairs well with pickled herring and ham and cheese hot pockets.



I hope you come in and give Crazy Mountain Hookieboob IPA or Emotional Rescue (or both!) a try and let me know what you think.

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