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Check out Abruzzo. It may not command the same name-recognition as Tuscany, but Italians and Italian wine lovers agree that Abruzzo is where it’s at for authentic Italian wines at a value. The sunny southern region has suffered a bit of a bad rap in recent years due to giant cooperative chains churning out uninteresting, anemic juice. But when you find a small-scale producer showcasing the region’s ample wine growing resources, the results will truly wow you.

We were very happy to find exactly this in Colle Corviano. Situated smack in between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains, Colle Corviano vineyards enjoy a clandestine synthesis of sunshine, cool mountain influence, and coveted pockets of limestone soils. The combination of soil and sun give these wines a richness that is rarely associated with inexpensive Italian vino, while the winemakers’ careful and sustainable treatment of the land and fruit achieves a level of balance that outstrips the posers considerably.

Colle Corviano Pinot Grigio

Perhaps the most damaged repute in Italian wine varieties is poor old Pinot Grigio. While a lot of the cheap stuff should only be relegated to airplanes and open bars, a Pinot Grigio allowed to grow and ripen correctly can be a lovely treat of crisp, precise fruit and fresh florals. The Colle Corviano Pinot Grigio shows snappy yellow apple, lemon, light apricot, orange oil, and a lacy floral finish. The lush, round body is impressively balanced with bright and fresh acid.

Colle Corviano Sangiovese

Both the winemaker and proprietor of Colle Corviano have roots in Montalcino, the region responsible for arguably the most complex and cerebral examples of Sangiovese in all of Italy. What that nostalgia is certainly part of this bottle’s finesse, the Colle Corviano Sangio is all about Abruzzo. No dusky, twiggy herbs and thin fruit here — instead you’ll enjoy lush red cherry, plum, warm earth, fine tannin, and a savory hint of salami. So freaking good with the wood-fire pizza, BBQ, and burgers we’re craving for spring.

Colle Corviano Montepulciano

Calling all Cali Red Blend and Merlot lovers! This. Is. Your. Jam. Actually, it’s hugely popular in Italy as well, because it’s all about balance and excellent with food. It’s rich, soft, and hugely flavorful with blue raspberry, fig, cherry, plum, dried strawberry, bramble, cocoa, and spice all wrapped up in a gentle but lengthy tannic finish. Never met a meat or veg it didn’t like, it’s also a reliable crowd pleaser if food isn’t your main event.

Enjoy these wines anytime, from any of our Top Ten Locations.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Lead Top Ten Liquors Roseville

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