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Oh noble arbiter of springtime, please have mercy on us, already! Survey our snowy glens and find them humbly worthy of a benevolent thaw, releasing us from the chilly jumble of crumminess we have endured so far this year!

It’s a weird holiday, but it can’t hurt to suck up. Whether our hibernating friend freaks out over his shadow or chooses to brave an early spring, we’ve got wines to celebrate or hunker-down for whatever is to come.

A Beneficent Early Spring

La Gioiosa

Low Cal Prosecco

A bubble that feels a lot like dusting off the winter cobwebs, this zippy sparkler is also handy if you’re trying to curb the extra calories ahead of swimsuit season (it WILL come!). An unassuming value Prosecco with a low dosage, or sugar level, it’s a light and breezy sipper, or a super solid mimosa base. Pour a little peachy, citrusy glass and cheers to brighter days ahead!


Red Blend

Columbia Valley is a great locale to channel when heralding the warmer months. Being famously protected from harsh weather, and crushing in the West Coast summer sunlight contest, you can zen out manifesting as a Yakima grape to escape the dull doldrums of winter. This blend of Cabernet and Syrah is ripe on the nose with berry and spice, its body packed with a nice balance of juice and structure. It’ll nicely bridge the gap between the last stretch of frost with a ripe promise of lighter springtime reds on the horizon.

More Winter, ugh.


Lugana San Benedetto

Italian white wines can be tough to keep track of — some are herbal and unctuous, some are zippy and feather-light…when the grapes are actually listed, a LOT of them all start with the same letter. If you’re looking for a hearty Italian white to focus in on through the endless frost, Zenato’s 100% Trebbiano Lugana San Benedetto is a five-star, lovely place to start. While its notes of fresh peach, mango, lemon, basil, and plantain are fresh and bright, it has the refined, broad weight classic to Trebbiano from this region that makes it perfect for staying warm with late-winter comfort foods.

Viñas Viejas


Wines from Spain are some of the easiest to pair because their personalities and savory components are so intrinsically linked to food. They have some of the best whites for shellfish and some of the most robust reds for serious carnivore moments (for the record, Cava goes with everything). If we turn to stews to help weather a storm, a Spanish Garnacha is the vinous equivalent. Stewed plum and tomato compote, pomegranate, sweet tobacco, and smoky allspice will keep you cozy and satisfied, without 8 hours in the crockpot.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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