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One of the most thrilling things we’re seeing in the Minnesota wine scene lately is an explosion of Sustainable and Organic options from all over the world. Gone are the days of choosing between value and holistic craftsmanship — more and more small-scale, sustainably-crafted wines are showing up to satisfy every budget and palate. Celebrate this Earth Day by finding new Green favorites to enjoy all year round.

Leitz Non-Alcoholic Wines – Rheinhessen, Germany

ORGANIC Pinot Noir, Sparkling Riesling, Sparkling Rosé

Johannes Leitz is a man laser-focused on quality. The majority of his winemaking career has been devoted to elevating the quality of Rheinhessen wines to that of better-known German wine regions like the Mosel and Rheingau — a goal he’s crushed in both local and global estimations. Following such inspiring success, Johannes has become the champion of two other innovations in the wine world: organic farming and quality non-alcoholic wine.


In the winery, Johannes has made substantial investments in alcohol removal technologies that retain the highest possible expression of flavors and aromatics, while in the vineyard he operates with a renewed care for soil health and natural vine treatments. We can thank both factors for producing the category-leading Ein-Zwei-Zero line of pure, expressive, and delicious NA wines.

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Riesling:

All the classic floral, mineral, and bright citrus notes quintessential to Rheinhessen Riesling, without the buzz. White flower notes on the nose, with zippy lime and lemon candy flavors finishing vibrantly on a luscious bubble.

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Rosé:

Ripe strawberry, orange, and yellow cherry notes in this rosé sparkler far surpass the cotton-candy-watermelon vibes that seem to creep into most over-sweet NA rosés. Fantastically festive with rhubarb, rosy potpourri, and a zippy finish.

Leitz Zero-Point-Five Pinot Noir:

Though the body is light and juicy, all the important notes we’re looking for are there — cherry, black raspberry, crunchy cranberry, and even a whiff of gravelly earth. A seriously complex, lengthy, and wine-y not-wine.

Colle Corviano – Abruzzo, Italy

SUSTAINABLE Pinot Grigio, Montepulciano, Sangiovese

Opening a bottle of Colle Corviano at your kitchen table feels remarkably close to pouring from a carafe at a cobbled trattoria patio in southern Italy. That’s because husband and wife Rodrigo and Antonella see their wines as ambassadors of the authenticity, hospitality, and community inherent to their beloved region of Abruzzo.

From choosing dry farming and 100% renewable energy, to reducing winery waste and bottling in lighter glass, to encouraging cover crops and nesting raptors for pest management, each decision they make in the vineyard and the winery is motivated by their love for the land and people around them. Flavorful and alluring without being stuffy or overcomplicated, Colle Corviano wines are a testament to Abruzzo’s terroir and generosity.

Colle Corviano Pinot Grigio:

Snappy yellow apple, lemon, light apricot, orange oil, and a lacy floral finish. The lush, round body is impressively balanced with bright and fresh acid from that Mediterranean sunshine.

Colle Corviano Sangiovese:

Lush red cherry, plum, warm earth, fine tannin, and a savory hint of salami. Zero dustiness in the soft but earthy tannins that are simply calling out for grilled meats, veggies, and wood-fired pizzas.

Colle Corviano Montepulciano:

Calling all Cali Red Blend and Merlot lovers! Rich, soft, and hugely flavorful with blue raspberry, fig, cherry, plum, dried strawberry, bramble, cocoa, and spice all wrapped up in a gentle but lengthy tannic finish.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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