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Schell’s, Minnesota’s oldest craft brewery, has recently come out with a much-anticipated variety pack featuring four different brews that were made with fresh frozen whole cone hops from Germany. All four styles were brewed exclusively for the pack and Schell’s has outdone themselves with each one of these beers!

Personally, I am a pretty big fan of Schell’s. They are consistent, keep with tradition and yet still manage to create something new (Look at their Starkeller series/brewery).

I must warn you; these variety packs are at the end of their run. If you haven’t gotten to try this yet, you should drop what you’re doing and head on in to grab some before they’re officially done. We don’t even know if they will run the same beers in the next year’s Frost Hop pack.

If you need some convincing on why these beers are so good, and why this is probably one of my top 5 variety packs, keep reading.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Schell’s | Frost Hop Pilsner
If you’re a pilsner fan, classic or modern, you’ll find comfort in this offering. A crystal clear golden hue gives the perfect backdrop to the classic aromas of bready malts and slightly spicy hops with an added fruitiness that entices the nose to take a dive. Like a good Pilsner does, the first sips are enveloped with a light sharpness coming from the hops, combined with some light sweetness derived from the malts. A little bit of honeydew really compliments those flavors and gives way to a crisp, dry finish. The biggest downside of this beer is that there are only four in the 12 pack.
4/12 pk Bottles | N/A ABV | N/A IBUs




Schell’s | Frost Hop Export-Style
Export Technically, this beer is a Dortmunder, a pale lager originally brewed by the Dortmunder Union in Dortmund, Germany in 1873. Schell’s take on this classic style has set the bar high if any other brewery wanting to take it on. The emphasis given to the hops are prevalent with notes of spiciness and herbal/grassy notes hitting my nose with a minute sweetness coming from the malts. The hop character is sharp and tangy which is mellowed out by the bitter-sweet malt complexion. With the perfect amount of carbonation, the drinkability is off the charts, smooth with a dry finish.
4/12 pk Bottles | N/A ABV | N/A IBUs




Schell’s | Frost Hop Helles
Helles Keeping with the theme of tradition, Helles is a traditional pale lager coming out of Southern Germany. Helles or Hell translates to “Bright”, “Light”, or “Pale”. A treat for your senses, Schell’s interpretation of a classic Helles is wonderful. Bready, grainy, grassy and herbal notes followed by a hint of apple fruitiness is enough to create a cologne out of this scent. Lightly herbal and a pleasant sweetness are backed up with a mild biscuit malt character with more apple and a little bit of pear shining through. A tad lighter than tradition would have, but none-the-less a solid beer.
4/12 pk Bottles | N/A ABV | N/A IBUs




Schell’s | Frost Hop Kolsch-Style
Kolsch Last, but certainly not least, this Kolsch-style beer does not disappoint. You may be under the impression that Kolsch doesn’t have much in the category of flavor, but I dare you to try this and tell me it’s lacking. I get aromas of citrus, lemon, mandarin and bready yeastiness. The malts shine in this beer with a nice clean bready malt character followed by some bright citrus hidden in the back of the glass. The finish may be dry, but it leaves you with a satisfying lemon undertone.
4/12 pk Bottles | N/A ABV | N/A IBUs


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