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I don’t get outside nearly as much as I would like to. A weekend spent on the canoe, hiking through the wilderness, or simply sitting around a campfire are some of the best, most rewarding feelings you can have here in Minnesota. What’s better than being able to be in the middle of nowhere and having the freedom to snag a buzz and take in the beauty that is nature?

Have you ever noticed how much more exciting the woods are when you’re not completely sober? No? Well, next time invite me along, or, at the least, pack a cooler or two with some the beers below and see for yourself! Perks of inviting me? I’ll supply and carry the beers!

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Bent Paddle | Citrus Party Kanū | Session Pale Ale
The original Kanū came into the beer world back in May of 2017. It was a smash. A refreshingly balanced Session Pale Ale perfect for that outdoor life. This Summer, Bent Paddle wanted to throw a party in Kanū and added the zest of five different citrus fruits, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. The result is an even more refreshing party in your mouth! A super fruity nose of orange, grapefruit, and lemon with a hint of dry cracker malt and a hop kick. With a light body, the citrus can shine on the palate with bursts of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit juices, a good dose of pine bitterness and cracker malts. Could crush the whole four pack of this without much thought, and with only 4.8% ABV, it probably won’t be all that detrimental to the rest of your canoe trip!
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 4.8% ABV | 48 IBUs



Duluth Brewhouse | Apricot Wheat | Wheat Ale
apricot-wheat-shot So, let’s get a bit of backstory here. The famed Fitger’s Brewpub in Duluth lost their head brewer, Dave Hoops, in 2015. In May of 2018, Fitger’s announced that they will be distributing their beers under the brand name Duluth Brewhouse, which is under the brewing license of Bold Brewing, which is owned by the son of Rod Raymond, owner of Fitger’s Brewhouse, Beau Raymond. The beer is brewed under contract brewing at Barley John’s Brewing Company out of Wisconsin. Barley John’s, which did a similar venture as Fitger’s to sell their award winner beers to the masses. Apricot Wheat is a heavily awarded and fan favorite beer in the brewhouse, and for good reason. Fresh pungent aromas of apricot blend seamlessly with wheat and minimal hops and a touch of peach and grassy hops. The flavor is reminiscent of pure freshly squeezed apricot juice blended with a tiny hop bite and mild wheat spice. An essential stop when trekking up to Duluth is Fitger’s. No longer needing to grab a growler to head out in the lake, hike the Superior Trail, or simply sit in your hotel overlooking the canal to watch the ships role in, you can now enjoy at any campsite or hiking trail in Minnesota!
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 5% ABV | 12.5 IBUs



Milk & Honey | Cider Rose
Essential Beverages A must stop if you’re ever in St. Joseph. Whether you’re visiting St. John’s University, the College of St. Benedict, or Bad Habit Brewing, make sure you have time to stop into Milk & Honey‘s quaint taproom. Beautiful art on the walls, combined with charming woodwork, placed in a tranquil setting produce an astonishing atmosphere, but mainly stop in for some fantastically dry ciders. Rose is all the rage in the wine world, and since ciders most often use wine or champagne yeast, it’s the perfect vehicle for a rose-like addition. Their base cider has dried hibiscus, rose hips, and orange peel added which gives it its alluring pinkish-red hue and add a depth and complexity in both smell and taste. A nose of candied grape skin, orange, and floral hibiscus are followed by appetizing flavors or orange zest, apple, and a slight hint of leather. A mild amount of effervescent bubbles lead into a semi-dry finish. An ideal beverage to refresh your taste buds after a long day in nature, sitting around the campfire with a few of your closest peoples. #RoseAllDay
4 pk Bottles | 6.5% ABV | N/A IBUs


* Please Note that not all products are available at all locations. Do you want one of the beers mentioned? Ask your local Top Ten Liquors to carry it!
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