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Did you go trick or treating with your kids? Hand out candy? Dance your face makeup off? Sit at home in your jammies binge watching Stranger Things and eating all of the candy you say you bought for all of the trick or treaters? Well, regardless of what you actually did, there is almost a guarantee that there is some candy left over in your house. If not, all of the candies are on sale. So as not to let all of this candy go to waste, let’s drink and eat candy. It will be both satisfying and contribute to our waistlines!

Below are three beers that look scary, but the taste… less scary? Also, you can put the candy to good use by pairing your child’s hard-earned candy with your hard-earned adult candy. That way when you tell your kids that you ate all of their Halloween candy for Jimmy Kimmel, you won’t be lying to them!

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Surly | Damien | American Black Ale
Surly Damien
Okay, so Damien is an interesting concoction. Labeled as the “Child of Darkness” because it is literally that. Damien is created by taking the spent grain from Darkness, and, essentially, brewing an entirely new beer with it by dry hopping it with Warrior, Willamette, and Glacier hops. It’s resourceful, it’s unique, and it’s sloppy seconds (in a good way). The resulting beer has reminiscences of Darkness, but with a lighter, sweeter complexion. Aromas of molasses, oak, raisins, are strong with subtle hints of tangerine and other citruses thanks to the dry hop additions. The taste comes in hot with roasted malts, chocolate, molasses, and oak. These flavors give way to some earthy qualities blended with tangerine. The sweet malt backbone gives a nice finish that would be great with your leftover Butterfingers.
750 ml | 6.66% ABV | N/A IBUs



Central Waters/Local Option | De Kleine Dood | Bourbon Barrel Aged, Belgian inspired Weissenbock
Central Waters De Kleine Dood Central Waters does several things well. The main thing that they do well, and are often under-appreciated for, is bourbon barrel aging. They have a crazy amount of barrels in their brewery and an abundant amount of styles of beers that are constantly aging to perfection. De Kleine Dood is a traditional Weissenbock that has had Belgian yeast added to it in order to incorporate a little extra kick. Originally created as a collaboration with Local Option Brewing out of Chicago, it has now become one of their rotating seasonal bourbon barrel-aged selections. Now that’s a unique phrase that not a lot of breweries can say.

On the nose, there is a stong bourbon/booze aroma followed by some of that unique Belgian yeast, vanilla (from the barrel), dark fruits, and some enticing caramelized malts. On the tongue, you get a lot of the same aspects, but it’s a little sweeter than the nose lets on. Bourbon, vanilla, and dark fruits take center stage with an accompaniment of breadiness from the yeast, balancing hop characteristics, and a nice malt backbone. Easy drinking with an ABV that can sneak up and scare the bejesus out of you, like any good Halloween(ish) beer should do. Grab some of those leftover Twizzlers that the kiddos didn’t want, or sneak them out of their grab bags for a tasty candy pairing

22 oz | 12.2% ABV | 12 IBUs



Rogue | Dead Guy Ale | Ale Inspired by a German Maibock
Rogue-Dead-Guy-Ale-can Not only does this beer come in a mat black can with a picture of a creepy skeleton on it, but Rogue is also a pretty stellar brewery. A good portion of their malts and hops come directly from their own farm, resulting in unique beers that are near impossible to replicate. Dead Guy Ale is one of their flagship beers and has awards dating all the way back to 1994 when it won bronze at the World Beer Championships. Needless to say, this beer has been around for a long time, and for good reason, it’s crafted extremely well. On the nose, there are some good sweet malt characteristics with an enticing bready quality that shines. Almost no hop aromas come through, but there is a slight touch or orange which would come from the hops. Rogue’s proprietary yeast, Pacman, gives the beer its signature flair with notes of sweet malts, nuts, orange rind, baked bread, and some other citrus notes underneath it all. A solid brew. If you’re one of those sick peoples that hand out spicy candy to children, you’re in luck. Those spicy treats will pair pretty damn well with this ale. You’re a sick, mean person, but this year it pays off for you.
6 pk Cans | 6.8% ABV | 40 IBUs


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