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Chardonnay. It’s one of those grapes with a love-it-or-hate-it reputation among some wine drinkers. But saying you hate Chardonnay outright is a lot like saying you hate rock and roll because you grew up in the 90s. We’re sorry you didn’t have cooler older siblings, but don’t be too quick to write off the grape responsible for some of the most expressive white wines in the world — as well as some stellar value styles you may not have considered before.

We’re debunking stereotypes with our picks this week. Think Chard’s too heavy for warm weather? Not so! Cool climate Chardonnays, especially unoaked versions, can be snappy, refreshing, and downright tropical. Don’t believe in a good oaked Chard at a modest price point? Buckle up, buttercup.

Sainte-Anne Chardonnay

France can be a great antidote to the buttery blues, especially if you’d like to test the waters with a bargain. Southern French Chardonnays like Sainte-Anne’s are often done in stainless steel, which preserves the grape’s crisp acid and bright fruit character. Equally at home on your dining room table and your picnic blanket, this wine offers apple and pear purity with a refreshing mineral finish.

Libretto Chardonnay

Another stainless gem coming to ya from Columbia Valley, Washington, this is a more aromatic example than many of its competitors. White flowers and honeysuckle meld with fragrant green pear, green melon, guava, and lemon flesh for a tart and utterly crushable glass of summer wine.

Creamery Chardonnay

If you thought you couldn’t enjoy your favorite buttery-style Chardonnay in the summer heat, think again. Creamery Chardonnay is barrel fermented, which integrates those classic California creamy notes gradually so there’s no need for the oak corner-cutting which tends to make Chardonnays feel clunky and over-manipulated. Check out the difference with Creamery’s vibrant pear fruit and baked pineapple boosted by warm buttered toast and light vanilla

Enjoy these wines anytime, from any of our Top Ten Locations.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Lead Top Ten Liquors Roseville

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