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In a season when some of us are making big, optimistic plans and others are still struggling to take down last month’s decorations, a leisurely sip of something bright and comforting at the end of the day can do a lot to combat the chilly weather. Winter white wines are something of a tradition — and can be anything you like, of course — though generally work best against a wintery draft with a little body and a lot of character.

Calvet Celebrations

Blanc Brut

If we’re talking spirit-lifting, this bubbly beaut is great to have around for a little jolt of joy. Beyond the bottle’s pretty Fabergé icicle exterior, the brut blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard lends classic French crispness to a pearly, enveloping bubble. Meyer lemon notes with pear blossom, white peach, and a light squeeze of ripe grapefruit can easily be sipped alone, but also make for a lovely Mimosa or Bellini base to really chase away the winter blues.

Contessa Annalisa

Carino Bianco

Moscatos are a must-have in Italy during the wintertime. Sweet, easy, and low in alcohol, it’s a great tradition for family hangs or for a modest treat through your dry-ish January. Classified as semi-sweet, the well-measured touch of residual sugar in Carino Bianco actually makes for a rounder body that can stand up to cold weather foods andmoods. Without feeling heavily syruped like some in its category, Carino Bianco exhibits counterbalanced notes of confection and fruit: lemon meringue, poached peach, vanilla cream, and a tangy candied mango that keeps your mouth watering for more.

Le Tuffeau


One of our most anticipated wines for the colder months, Vouvray has a harmonious tension between rich honey notes and vibrant fruit acid, perfect in weight and hugely food-friendly. Especially fitting for some of the coziest seasonal soups — your French Onions, creamy cauliflower or sweet potato, chowders, or even pot pies will pair deliciously. Le Tuffeau is on the drier end of the Vouvray spectrum, its zippy lemon, apricot, and peach just honey-kissed in flavor, but with a silky and round mouthfeel classic to the Chenin Blanc style of Vouvray, France.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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