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Bridal Series Finale – A Sparkle for Every Pop


For our last Bridal Season installment, we’re raising a glass — several, in fact — to YOU! Our team speed-dated their way through a lineup of juicy pairings to help bling out your mimosa bar. From pretty in peach to zippy citrus, our two favorite bang-for-your-buck bubbles offer something special for everyone at your bridal bash. Use this guide to build a full spread of your own, or hone in on the *Match made in heaven that you love best.

The Wines

Les Allies Blanc de Blanc and Les Allies Brut – Both these bottles are made in the South of France with the sentiments and grape makeups classic to Champagne, but with absolutely none of the snootiness.

They’re both meant to be accessible and versatile, but they each have their own personalities as well. On its own, the Blanc de Blanc is zippy and refreshing, with lots of lemon, green apple, and a pinprick bubble. The Brut, with a touch more fruity sweetness, has a softer, creamier bubble and lots of golden apple, peach, and toasty notes.

Here’s how they get along with the mimosa bar lineup:

Les Allies Blanc de Blanc

Les Allies Brut

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit comes through strongly on the pithy, bitter side.

Just enough clean, zesty acid; grapefruit is expressive but not bitter

*Match made in heaven

Orange Juice

Orange zest comes through; bright, light, lifted

*Our choice for a day of mingling or dancing

Juicier orange character; more round, frothy texture

*Our choice for brunch with the family or a day of self-pampering

Pineapple Juice

Herbacious character, almost to the point of a tonic note

Pineapple flavors really come through with some soft florality

*Match made in heaven

Cranberry Juice

Pretty, bright citrus balances the cranberry’s light bitterness nicely; flavors are clean and lifted

*Match made in heaven

Cranberry flavor gets lost somehow; simply not much going on in this pair
Mango Puree
Mango should maybe stay in the fruit salad.

Same over here.

Peach Puree

Nice, soft peach character — classic Bellini vibes; bright and light

*Match made in heaven

Too much sweetness in the mix; flavors end up a bit muddled and drab

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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