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Kick Off Wedding Season with Our Bridal Primer in Sparkling Wine

In celebration of the wedding season that’s been three years in the making (maybe more?!), we’re dedicating the next several weeks of our blog to the best picks in celebration sparklers, AND what to do with them.

Planning your brunch shower, signature cocktail, first cheers, and dance floor fuel just got easier!

Stay tuned for:

Sparkling Signatures – Classic French Cocktails vs. Italian Spumate Stunners and A Match Made in Mimosa Heaven – Pairing Bubbly Bases and Juice Compliments

This week: A Bridal Primer in Sparkling Wine – Quick Spec’s on Keeping Your People Happy

What has made sparkling wines the life of the party since their invention is that magic, happy bubble — like a disco ball in a dainty glass, we defy anyone to resist the magic “POP!” which calls us to make merry. But this party is about YOU, dang it! Keep your stress low and your party poppin’ with, easy, versatile, and delicious sparkling wines that’ll have your back through every event.

La Gioiosa DOC Prosecco

This bottle is one of our most reliable crowd-pleasers. It’s perfect for the warming weather, with refreshing lemon and mandarin zest, plus notes of crunchy yellow apple and soft orchard blossom that will be welcome to those who fear the brut. If you want a sunny, high-quality favorite on hand for all the celebrations leading up to your big day, this may be the least stressful decision on your list.

  • Prosecco DOC – traditional production region in Treviso, Northern Italy
  • Charmant Method – fresh, fruity, bright
  • Sweetness – Brut to off-dry
  • Bubble – round and buoyant

Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux

Refined but unpretentious, this Traditional Method sparkler comes from Bordeaux in Southwestern France, made in the very same painstaking method as Champagne. While many folks find true Champagne to be a bit too acidic and dry, the native Bordeaux Sémillon and Cabernet Franc grapes used in this cuvée bring golden notes of fresh pear and honeysuckle, and bottle aging develops aromas of fresh-baked brioche. Built. For. Toasting.

  • Crémant de Bordeaux – second fermentation in-bottle, 9 months’ aging with lees; Bordeaux, France
  • Méthode Traditionnelle – complex, toasty, epicurean
  • Sweetness – true Brut
  • Bubble – elegant and fine

Les Allies Brut and Blanc de Blancs

Once it’s finally time to let down your updo, don’t be overthinking the party fuel! Les Allies sparklers were made with casual high-quality in mind, south of Champagne but with similar grape makeups. Both the Brut and Blanc de Blancs are breezy but tasty and, our favorite — the bubble doesn’t fall flat! Bid Grandma goodnight and party on with the peachy, floral, and soft Les Allies Brut, or pep up with the zesty citrus of Les Allies Blanc de Blancs.

  • Sweetness
  • Brut – fruity, off-dry
  • Blanc de Blancs – crisp, off-dry
  • Bubble – soft & in it for the long haul

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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