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Avery Brewing has been putting out complex and thoughtful beers since 1993 when Adam Avery talked his father, Larry Avery, into using all of his retirement money to open a brewery. Since then, Adam’s brews have evolved the brewery into the machine that it has become. Known for such series as “The Holy Trinity of Ales”, “Dictator Series”, and “The Demon Ales” Adam likes to keep beer light hearted with heavy flavor profiles. Today’s selection of brews shed light to those complex flavor profiles that brought Avery the fame that we all know and love them for. Sit back, grab a brew, and enjoy.

And Now, the Brews

Tweak | Stout with coffee added aged in bourbon barrels (Annual Barrel Series)
The Annual Barrel Series is the brain child of Andrew Parker, Avery’s Chief Barrel Herder, back in the 17th year, since then they have debuted 4 different brews, including the Tweak which is the only coffee stout of the series. It is aged in fresh Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 4 months, but first coffee beans (Ozo’s organic Isabelle Espresso roast) grounds soaked in the beer which causes better extraction and more awesomeness.
Bottled Jan. 25, 2016 | 12 fl. oz. | 17.5% ABV
Serving: Serve slightly chilled or at cellar temp in a snifter. Pairs well with those who enjoy having their stimulants and depressants all in one glass.

* This item is extremely limited and store quantities cannot be guaranteed.


Liliko’I Kepolo | Belgian style white ale brewed with spices and passion fruit added
Lilikoi Kepolo Translated to English, Liliko’I (lee-lee-co e) Kepolo means “Passion fruit devil” in Hawaiian. This is a tropical flair on a traditional witbier. After this beer is fermented, liliko’i (passion fruit) concentrate is added giving this witbier a tropical, juicy tartness making the perfect edition to their year round brews.
4 pk cans | 5.4% ABV | 20 IBUs
Serving: Serve chilled in a Weizen glass. Pairs well with fish prepared with citrus, sweeter Mexican & Thai dishes (dishes that involve both a sweet and a spicy component to them).



Raja | Double IPA
As a new addition to both the year round brews, and the lengthy lineage of IPAs, the Raja is brewed a little differently then it’s counterparts. Made with only 2-row malt and dry-hopped with Vic’s Secret and Galaxy Hops, this Double IPA is brazenly bitter, bringing with it fantastic tropical notes that come off with orange and mango sweetness.
4 pk cans | 8% ABV | 80 IBUs
Serving: Serve chilled in a simple pint glass. Drink on it’s own or enjoy it with a nice fatty cut of meat that is seasoned with grilled peaches.



duganA | IPA
This IPA is has a balance in it’s complexity. The duganA it brutally bitter, dank, piney, and resinous which comes from the Chinook Hops. If you like to wreck your palate in one fowl swoop, duganA is gonna be a great option.
1 Pint 6 fl. oz. | 8.5% ABV | 93 IBUs
Serving: Serve chilled in a snifter or pint glass. The acidity and bitterness pairs perfectly with creamy, cheesy dishes such as pasta carbonara, fettuccini Alfredo, or a simple pepperoni pizza.

Honorable Mention

August Schell’s | Noble Star Collection: Apricot Vista
Schell-Noble-Star-Apricot-Vista Background: August Schell Brewing Company’s Noble Star Collection is an ongoing exploration into different variations and interpretations of traditional Berliner Weisse Beers. Headed by Jace Marti, son of current president of Schell, this program is dedicated to exploring a more tart side that pays homage Napoleon’s troops’ love for the tart and effervescent white beer of Berlin back in 1809. All Noble Star Collections are hand filled and bottle conditioned to allow the beer to continue to develop and evolve.

The Beer: The Development of Apricot Vista began with a nine-month mixed primary fermentation in a 1936 cypress wood layering tank. The are was then transferred onto 4,700 pounds of apricots and re-fermented for an additional three months, allowing the complex tart flavors of the fruit to marry with the acidity and slight spiciness of the base beer. The result is a bright golden-orange Berliner Weisse that bursts with juicy apricot flavor and a tart lemon acidity.

Bottled Jan. 2016 | 1 Pint 9.36 fl. oz. | 4.5% ABV
Serving: Serve fresh and slightly chilled in a champagne flute or pilsner/pokal glass


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