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However you celebrate Easter holidays this year, it’s certainly an excuse to chow down. And what’s a celebratory feast without something cheers-able in your glass? Our team of wine specialists has put together a special menu of festive wine pairings for all those Easter mainstays. 


If you’re opting for the oh-so-beloved Midwestern-style brunch casserole this year, reach for something light, dry, and white. The Lagioiosa DOC Prosecco is perfect for your egg bake, with bright, citrusy acidity that will cleanse your palate between bites of brunch. 

It’s perfect for mimosas and Bellinis, but you may want to spice it up — spiced pear anyone? Try out something special with Prosecco della Pera, a dreamy spiced Italian brunch cocktail.

  • 1oz St. George Pear Liqueur 
  • 1oz Montenegro Amaro
  • 1oz Campari (sub any red bitter liqueur)
  • Top with La Gioiosa DOC!

If Eggs Benedict is more your thing, have some fun with your bubbly choice and go for the Field Recordings Cabernet Franc Pet-Nat. A natural sparkler that always promises a good time, this fizzy strawberry-rhubarb elixir has biscuit-friendly rosemary sourdough notes and lively acidity to cut through your creamy Hollandaise sauce. Cheers!

Pairings and cocktail recipe by Sophia Deutsch of Top Ten SLP.


They say sparkling wine can pair with anything, and we love putting that to the test. You’ll find a winner in South Africa’s MAN Vintners Sparkling Chenin Blanc, with apricot, peach, and honeycomb characteristics uplifted by a charming acidity. It’s the dark horse compliment to the salt-tang of Roquefort, and still aligns perfectly with the softness and sweetness of a honey chevre.  

Bagna cauda is a southern Italian treasure made of three things: olive oil, garlic, and anchovy – spread an almond pesto over crostini and top with sautéed shrimp and a drizzle of this magic. Then pop a bottle of Parallèle 45 Rhone Blanc from Jaboulet, and thank us later. Intensely mineral and slightly saline, the Jaboulet’s acidity will cut through the luscious bagna cauda, and notes of underripe white peaches, Bosc pear, and hints of marzipan and white pepper will complement the almond and basil combination.

Pairings and dishes by Haden Riles of Top Ten Woodbury.


While we wait for those first spring vegetables to turn up (ha!), let’s give our winter veggies one last showcase with a couple flavor-packed vegan dishes to start the season out healthy

Turn cabbage into Chakalaka: a South African relish-like dish full of warm curry spices, jalapeno (or not if you have a milder palate), tinned tomatoes, and beans that is sure to satisfy until those spring veggies show. An Earth-conscious, holistically produced, biodynamic wine like Montinore’s Borealis will complement this dish beautifully with its own set of powerful aromas like orange peel, apricot, ginger, and Thai Basil — with just a touch of sweetness will offset that Chakalaka heat.

You can also go for a raw, shredded carrot salad with tahini-citrus dressing that has pops of flavor from cumin-coated, toasted chickpeas and fresh parsley. For those who don’t want to let go of their bold winter reds so easily, contrast this dish with the concentrated, ripe black fruit and slight black pepper spice of the 90+ Cellars French Fusion.

Pairings and dishes by Alex Gapinski of Top Ten Cottage Grove.


This year, why not swap out the Minnesota Easter staple of honey-baked ham for a maple-chile-glazed option instead. You’ll want to pair this ham with something light and springy that’s packed with juicy red fruits to combat the saltiness of the pork, but with enough acid and tannin to cut through the fattiness. Monte Rio Mission is the clear choice. Its gorgeous, subtle notes of ginseng and pine will highlight the maple-chile combination, plus it’s delicious served slightly chilled and sipped with brunch!

If ham isn’t your jam, sear some rosemary-crusted lamb chops instead and enjoy them alongside a glass or two of the acid-driven Evesham Wood Le Puit Secs Pinot Noir. The mineral, mossy backbone of this Pinot matches the grassy, earthiness of lamb and the beautiful lavender notes compliment the rosemary…Bonjour printemps and Joyeuses Paques mes amours!

Pairings and dishes by Zoe Henson of Top Ten SLP.

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