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Do you know exactly what you’re after when you walk into your neighborhood Top Ten? You go door to basket to your standard bottles to the register — you’re in and out, but are you missing out? Whether you never stray from your go-to wines or rarely touch the stuff at all, let us offer an opportunity to challenge your assumptions with the wine world’s friendliest ambassadors: Bubbles! Let down your guard, just a touch, and maybe you’ll trick yourself into a new favorite sparkler this April Fool’s Day.

“A glass sipped is a hangover earned.”

Not so! — Leitz EinsZweiZero NA Sparkling Riesling

You don’t have to drink up get down, but there’s really nothing like a flute-ful of bubbles to get the party started. There are plenty of reasons to check out non-alcoholic wines, but sometimes preserving flavor gets set aside in lieu of technological practicality. Johannes Leitz, the winemaker behind Lietz NA wines, couldn’t be more enthusiastic about flipping this script. His investment in top-of-the-line alcohol removal technology has rocketed forward the quality potential we should all be expecting of our NA’s. This alcohol-free sparkling Riesling preserves radiant floral, mineral, and even delicate Rheinhessen slate aromatics, while the palate is alive with vibrant lemon candy, soft key lime, and a tart whap of nectarine.

“To drink or to diet…that’s the question.”

Dream on, Hamlet! — La Gioiosa Low Calorie Prosecco

Cutting the fat but not the flavor isn’t exactly a new concept is sparkling wine. Essentially a “low dosage” Prosecco, ‘Low Cal’ is produced in much the same method as the rest of La Gioiosa’s line, excepting the standard addition of grape sugar traditional to your average fruity Prosecco. Don’t think of this as “Prosecco Diet,” but rather a more citrus-driven, racy style leaning towards extra-brut — the lean caloric bottom line is just a bonus. Bright lemon, airy peach, and a bouncy bubble make for a perfect aperitif, palate cleanser, or bubbly cocktail base.

“A bubble is only as good as its bottle.”

As if! — Lady Slipper Blanc Cans

Talk about a celebration! This loon-afied fizzy treat is an unabashed tribute to Minnesota summer livin’, courtesy of our Cali friend, Andrew Jones. But don’t mistake the cutie can for a basic bubble — Lady Slipper’s unfiltered blend is awash with juicy peach, zippy grapefruit, mango, green pear, and lime. Ready and raring to breathe new life into your cooler stash, these cans are equally appropriate for a big-girl glass, cheersing at a garden party or around the dinner table.


Cider-lovers and saison fans, we challenge you to take a walk on the wine side! Seltzer-heads, this is a prime time level-up, no foolin’!

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Manager Top Ten Liquors

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