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With the holiday weekend upon us, I looked for something that will please the crowd that’s not too aggressive so you can hang all day. The following three beers are perfect for the three-day Memorial Day weekend.

– Cassie

And Now, the Brews


White Claw | Raspberry | Hard Seltzer
All Day Fun
White Claw, produced by the guys at Mike’s Hard Lemonade, has added a true to flavor, raspberry addition to their hard seltzer line up. When you crack the can you are blasted with the natural smells of fresh raspberries. I honestly want to crawl inside the can. The flavors are fantastic, light and full of bubbles. This is a must grab. Only available in the variety pack. On sale thru the weekend at all Top Ten locations.
12 pk Variety Pack | 5 ABV | N/A IBUs




Bent Paddle | Kanu | American Pale Ale
All Day Fun New from Bent Paddle, Kanu is an American Pale Ale that can really hold it’s own. It reminds me how good a pale ale can be. Great balance between hops and malts. Almost bordering an IPA, but this one is perfect for some day drinking with its low ABV and perfect drinkability. Add this to your cooler this weekend you will not be disappointed.
12 pk Cans | 4.8 ABV | 48 IBUs




Harpoon’s UFO | Huckleberry | Hefeweizen
All Day Fun Huckleberry …what is a huckleberry… They’re like a blueberry but better! Good smells and tastes come from this one with its great Hefeweizen quality. They add natural huckleberry flavor to provide a balanced blend of sweet and refreshing quality to your brew. Even though this is a Hefeweizen, the huckleberry does a good job masking the burnt banana taste you typically get from a Hefeweizen, which is what normally turns me off. With this huckleberry addition, UFO has put together a winner for me. This is available in six pack bottles or in their variety can pack, which is a positive grab.
6 pk Bottles | 4.8 ABV | N/A IBUs


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