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You’ve got big plans this summer. Wherever they take you, it’s important to have delicious beverages on hand without bogging down your to-do list, or your trunk. Wish granted! We’ve tracked down the best in boxes, cans, bubbly splits, packs, and even saké and non-alcoholic treats.


A category that has blown up mainly for its convenience, boxed wine has begun to offer a huge uptick in quality — and sustainability.



Rosé, White Blend, Organic Monastrell

A powerhouse Spanish producer who introduced many Americans to the flavor intensity and value of Spanish wines, Juan Gil emphasizes sustainability and efficiency throughout their portfolio, including their organic boxed wines.

The White Blend of Malvasía and Sauvignon Blanc is a great expression of each — delicate florals, soft lemon, and white peach are capped with refined notes of seashell and herbs. Playful cherry, orange, and watermelon drive the Rosé’s juicy flavor profile, the finish awash with extra fruity guava and strawberry. The Monastrell (Mourvèdre, a Français) is bold and a bit smoky, with cherry preserve, cocoa, and spiced blueberry and cranberry — awesome for burger and pizza season.

Field Recordings Boxie

From the Fableist line of single-varietal gems to the fun and funky Field Recordings wines, winemaker Andrew Jones is forever finding treasure troves of sustainable and organic fruit to make irreverently fun wines.

Enter Boxie! The first and possibly singular boxed Orange wine on the market, Boxie is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Albariño, and Riesling grapes from California’s Central Coast, made in contact with the skins to produce a unique texture and flavor profile. A rambunctious nose of dried apricot and orange oil is toned down a bit on the palate with white peach, tea, and a wisp of natty funk.

Get hyped, Boxie hits Top Ten shelves July 15!


Not your Momma’s canned wine, high-quality producers are embracing the versatility of the canned format to get you great wine that won’t crowd your cooler.

Lady Slipper


Also from our homeboy Andrew Jones, this can of sunshine rules the summer lineup with a burst of pink grapefruit, fresh guava, refreshing acidity and the perfect balance of peach, citrus, and apple. Its spritely bubble can get the party started, lakeside or poolside, and pairs breezily with your favorite grillables.


Rose & Pinot Grigio

Another seriously good canned offering coming from Leo Steen vineyards’ winemaker, these are Napa appellated wines without any of the pretense.

The pitch perfect 100% Pinot Meunier Rosè enlivens the palate with nuances of fresh watermelon, subtle strawberry, and a touch of rose blossom. The delightfully balanced Pinot Grigio is orchard-fruit-driven, developing into a tropical fruit indulgence made as a proper kick-off to your summer getaway.


When you’ve got a great product, opt in for the pack value! Great for your weekend lineup or simply to have on hand as a new low-commitment favorite.

West & Wilder 3 Packs

The West & Wilder approach to the can format is mindfully focused on diminishing their carbon impact, sourcing the highest quality sustainable gapes, and sticking to low-intervention vinification.

Grapes for the Sparkling White are sourced from the most primo white grape regions from California to Washington, and the five-variety blend is expressively floral and crisp, with notes of white tea, jasmine, apple, lemon, and peach. Classic and compelling California Pinot Noir, Carignan, and Zinfandel make for a bright pink Rosé with notes of fresh strawberry, green tea, orange peel, and a bone dry finish. The Red Blend of Washington fruit is aged briefly in neutral oak to bring out a spectrum of flavors and aromas — piquant raspberry, black cherry, plum, and pepper finish off clean and fresh.

Hoxie Spritzer 4 Pack

Literally made for brunch by producer Josh Rosenstein in his NYC line cook days, these are fruity spritzers done right! 100% sustainable Sonoma grapes, plus all-natural fruit and botanicals make Hoxie spritzers fresh, crisp, and delicious. Hoxie Peach Blossom Rosé is a breezy blend of Riesling and Mourvédre grapes with added peach and peach blossom, and that’s exactly what it tastes like — lightly juicy and floral with a subtle peach-fuzz fizz.


An essential for gifting mimosa convenience or completing the perfect picnic basket, these bitty bottles are as handy as they are cute.

Les Allies

Brut Rosé

This little gem is dangerously likable: light and dry with aromas of strawberries and shortbread, and soft flavors of cherry, strawberry, and lemon zest with a dry mineral finish. Available in a 187ml bottle, you can enjoy this stellar sparkling wine conveniently as a single serving treat! 

300 IS THE NEW 375ml

Saké can be an intimidating commitment in its standard bottle format, but these smaller cans are great for a fresh sip every time and are a low-cost option for the premium saké experience. See below for bonus cocktail options!

Bushido Way of The Warrior

Ginjo Genshu

Upon pouring this saké you’ll find delicate scents of watermelon, blossoming white flowers, and light, warm spices, with notes of fresh cream, cantaloupe, and ripe banana on the palate. This is a wonderfully priced saké to wield during any humid summer day.

Snow Maiden

Junmai Nigori

A friend to your favorite poké bowl to be sure! This is a textural adventure, especially for saké newcomers. The nose and palate share notes of steamed rice, honey, melon, and a hearty nutty character, all draped in the cloud of unfiltered yet pristine Snow Maiden. Toss in your freezer and add your favorite tropical juices and a splash of spirit for a delicious summer slushie.


We all love sipping something sparkly in the sun, but the buzz doesn’t have to be part of the deal.

Gruvi NA 4 Packs

Anyone who’s sought out alcohol alternatives knows how difficult it can be to find products that actually taste good. Gruvi focuses on clean and tasty NA beer and wine that carry the same celebratory vibe of their alcoholic counterparts. Made from real wine grapes and carbonated spring water, the Bubbly Rosé and Secco flavors are fruity, fun, and no hangover-guaranteed.

-Aimee Hutchinson | Wine Lead Top Ten Liquors Roseville

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