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It’s no secret that I’m into the haze craze. I’ll always choose a hazy when it’s available at a bar or restaurant, and I’m definitely all about trying all the new ones that come out each week.

Some may think that it’s almost getting to the point where it’s all the same. In my opinion that isn’t true, as some are incredible and definitely deserve some tastings. Is a citra/galaxy/simcoe hazy really that much different from a nelson/mosaic/cashmere hazy? Everyone has their own opinion, and some will say “Yes, those will be completely different beers”. As I know most people will not agree, I’d be the one to have to taste them both before deciding. At the end of the day a lot of the flavors do seem to meld together.

This week I’m going to focus on a different kind of IPA. Although some haze will still be involved, I’m not picking these because of the haze but because of the flavors within. I’m trying to go for piney and dank, but with some tropical background to balance it out. Nobody wants to drink a pinecone.

– Will

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And Now, the Brews

Lupulin Brewing Co. | Big Lake, MN | Straight Hash Homie | Double IPA
Straight Hash Homie is brewed using 100% Hop Hash, or Lupulin powder, which is hyper-concentrated resins, oils, and glands from the hop. It is generally free of plant matter and is very similar to an extract from any other plant; the concentrates of the flavors and aromas that you are seeking in any given plant.The annual 420 release seems to get better and better, as it is bursting with notes of fresh tropical fruit with a soft bitterness. Super dank, super sticky and super resinous, this is a limited-edition beer that won’t be around for long.
4 pk 16 oz cans | 7.7% ABV | 60 IBU



BlackStack Brewing Co. | St. Paul, MN | Back Woods | IPA
“Sometimes you just need to get away for a while. Sweet leaves lend sweet relief to addled minds. Cashmere, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 rolled up into one tight little loose-leaf package. Brewed in anticipation of lush green trees and sunshine, this one is for putting in rotation. Can you see through the forest through the trees? Twist up, pour up, but don’t look down.” – BlackStack

Need I say more? Nope. Snag it while it lasts.

4 pk 16 oz cans | 7.3% ABV | No IBU



Inbound BrewCo | Minneapolis, MN | Conifer Crush | IPA
I haven’t had the opportunity to talk about Inbound in this blog yet. The crew there makes solid beer and sells it for a fair price. They’ve gone through a lot, starting off their existence as Lucid Brewing, which was then North Loop Brew Co., which paved the way to Inbound. They have a great taproom, which is family and pet friendly, and located two blocks from Target Field. If you like beer, it’d be foolish to not check them out before or after a Twins game.

Conifer Crush is brewed with Warrior and Simcoe hops, which makes this particular brew riper and stickier than pine sap and more refreshing than chopped firewood. Inspired by weekends and conifer trees, this newly year-round beer is brewed for drinking anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

4 pk 16 oz cans | 7% ABV | 76 IBU



Indeed Brewing Co. | Minneapolis, MN | Hop Dab | IPA
“Inspired by concentrated in the recreational world, this IPA leans on various forms of hop concentrates. Mosaic, Citra and Ekuanot hop oils in the kettle for a crisp and clean flavor profile and a blend of hop aromatics on the finished side along with a healthy dose of hop pellets providing a bouquet of aromatics!” – IndeedAlready gone from some of our stores, Hop Dab is very fleeting. I know it’s stunning that I’m writing about a limited beer, but those are the best kinds, no?
4 pk 12 oz cans | 7.2% ABV | 55 IBU


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