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We have added stores in more parts of the Twin Cities to reach a larger audience. Quite a bit has happened at our stores lately and there is so much more to come as we continue to try and improve your adult beverage shopping experience. We have blown out walls to add more shelf space and more products. We are hosting many great tastings and seminars, stepping up beverage instruction to help you raise the bar on your service of liquor, wine and beer. It is an exciting time and a busy time here at Top Ten indeed. There is something else that I want to change and that is this weekly communique between you and I. Who am I? My name is Bill Abrahamson and I have been a wine buyer for shops in town for 25 years. I have used this vehicle to communicate about wine in general and let you know about some of the wines we stock for the last 8 years but now I feel it’s time to step it up, make it more informational and talk about wines that are a little more unique, cutting edge; yet still fun and definitely delicious and fascinating. I hope you’ll join me each week as we travel the world of wine in search of consumable treasures. These wines are from and for Siri Nyman. Siri came to work with us after years of restaurant service and management. We are lucky to have her influence. She has a keen eye for elegant and artistic wines and a preference for organic and biodynamic production. If you are in St. Louis Park, stop in at our store in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center and pick her brain. She is armed with strong opinions and beautiful wines.

-Bill the Wine Guy



La Kiuva Arnad-Montjovet Vallée d’Aosta 2013
La Kiuva is a small co-operative in Northwest Italy producing about 8,000 cases per year. The DOC of Arnad-Montjovet is named for two small villages in the Vallee d’Aoste where the main grape grown is Picotendro, the local clone of Nebbiolo, which yields small bunches of tiny, ripe grapes that mature well in these northern climes and give intense fruit and depth to the local wines. This wine is 75% Nebbiolo plus a range of the local grapes including Gros Vien, Neyret, Cornalin and Fumin. Dark cherry fruit is melded with an alluring spiciness and refreshing acidity. This is a rustic yet delicious, classic Piemontese Nebbiolo.
Regular Price $19.99
Sale Price $15.97 750ml
Prices good thru May 5th, 2016



Bisson Glera Vino Frizzante 2014
atlanta-wine-shop-ph-wine-merchant_july__3 This lightly sparkling wine is in a bone-dry style. The Prosecco from the key production town of Valdobbiadene is bottled early to maintain its freshness and is released in the early months of the year following the harvest. Glera is the name of the grape it is made from and it has a delicate pear and apple flavor with a crisp finish. This wine is a joint venture between Italian wine merchant Pierluigi Lugano and Prosecco producer Eli Spagnoli.
Regular Price $18.99
Sale Price $14.97 750ml
Prices good thru May 5th, 2016



Avinyo Petillant Blanc 2015
I had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful family run farm a few years back. I have fond memories of eating freshly grilled calçots (baby leeks dipped in garlic aioli) and drinking these exquisite and delicate wines. 60% Macabeu (a white wine grape that is widely grown in the Rioja region of Spain and the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France) & 40% Muscat, its aromatic profile lends itself to the Muscat but the crisp refreshing flavor is all Macabeu. It is citrusy with a hint of tropical fruit coming in off-dry and only 10.5% alcohol, and yes, it’s supposed to be bubbly. Grab springtime in a bottle!
Regular Price $12.99
Sale Price $9.97 750ml
Prices good thru May 5th, 2016



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