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We’re caught in the transition of Winter and Spring, and right now Winter is hanging on in a fit of desperation. We’ve put together a little trio of interesting and modestly priced wine for your approval. The Tannat and the Malbec will accompany some cold weather comfort foods, while the Rosé looks forward to the greening of our region. The reds will go great with increased grilling activities as well. Read on for descriptions of these fun and friendly values.

-Bill the Wine Guy



Agua De Piedra (ADP) Malbec Gran Seleccion Mendoza
I know that Malbec from Argentina is nothing new but the ADP Malbec is a perfect blend of both French (think Cahors) and Mendoza stylings. It is a little earthy with excellent acidity for the French accent, and plenty of blackberries with a hint of cocoa for the South American side. The price is very “friendly” as the overall quality is excellent!
Regular Price $14.99
Rewards Price $11.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 13th, 2017




Don Rodolfo Tannat Mendoza
Friendly This is different! Tannat is the main grape of the Southwestern French appellation of Madiran. Madiran is famous for its depth of flavor, the darkness of color and firmness of the structure. Tannat has also found favor in Uraguay, where it thrives, but this one is from Argentina, the land of Malbec. True to varietal, it’s ripe, dark and loaded with blackberry flavors. It also comes with a customer friendly price.
Regular Price $14.99
Rewards Price $11.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 13th, 2017




Pescador Rosé Spain
Friendly This one comes recommended from our very own Siri Nyman, wine buyer and salesperson extraordinaire at the St. Louis Park Top Ten Liquors. It’s fresh and fruity, with raspberry and cranberry, a little spritz and a lighter alcohol of 11.5%. It finishes with a small amount of sweetness for the “friendly” factor.
Regular Price $11.99
Rewards Price $8.96 750ml
Prices good thru April 13th, 2017


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