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Far from the shores of Lake Wobegon, across the Great Plains, in a not so little town called Tulsa there lies a magical little brewery. The brewery in question is Prairie Artisan Ales, and their beers have become the stuff of legend across the United States. They just hit our great state a few weeks back, and the response has been a resounding cheer from craft beer lovers across Minnesota. I had my first chance to imbibe a few of their otherworldly carbonated concoctions. Right out of the gate, their beers immediately impressed/inspired me to punch up a few kind words about this new addition to an already impressive list of breweries available in our state. If you don’t believe me, feel free to taste them at next week’s beer tasting at our Blaine location. .


And Now, the Brews

Prairie Artisan Ales | Bierra | Farmhouse Saison
A creamy thick head and a translucent golden body make this beer approachable for even the most timid of craft enthusiasts. This beer softly hits your pallet, with a mouth-feel that is wonderfully creamy and smooth. Subtle lemon and cracked peppercorn flavors preform a delicate ballet on the tongue. It’s a beautifully crafted beer appropriate for almost any occasion. From farmhouse to fridge, this beer will be a great brew to add to your summer rotation.
12 oz. btl | 4.4% ABV
Serving: Pairs well with fresh fruit while preheating the grill on any given summer afternoon.



Prairie Artisan Ales | Standard | Hoppy Farmhouse Ale
standard In color, the Standard is almost identical to Bierra. However, its excited carbonation which looks as lively as your friend in grade school who attempted to consume all of his candy the night of Halloween. I can’t say that I am really that shocked that it smells a bit like a farm yard. A pleasant and delicate bitter flavor with notes of coriander and orange peel will dazzle your taste buds. This beer will truly be a barn burner for those looking for a little hop in their crafty step.
12 oz. btl | 5.2% ABV
Serving: Pairs well with a Bierra as an appetizer, and grilled kebobs made with everything but the kitchen sink.



Prairie Artisan Ales | BOMB! | Imperial Stout
bomb Holy smokes, I’ve heard tale of this legendary beast and I can say with the utmost assertion that this mythical monster lives up to the hype. Calling it dark and foreboding in body almost seems like an understatement…this beer has the void of color and gravitational pull of a black hole (figuratively speaking, but you get the gist). Vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee, and pleasant pepper flavors make this a wonderfully bad idea to pair with a hungover breakfast. Prairie truly hit a BOMB when they brewed this behemoth of a beer.
12 oz. btl | 13% ABV
Serving: Pairs well with a rich dessert and an Uber to get you home safe.

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