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It’s the dog days of summer, hot, muggy, and, if it’s not one of those, rainy. The humidity sucks. I can’t think of a single person that enjoys it. One way to fight back against the humidity is with refreshing beers… or air conditioning… air conditioning is probably the best way to combat the humidity, but beer is a close second.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Dogfish Head | Flesh & Blood | IPA
Brewed with real fruit, and never fruit oils or extracts, Flesh & Blood is a testament to using real, fresh ingredients. Brewed with lemon flesh, blood orange juice, and orange peel, the nose is reminiscent of a combination of pine and citrus. Incredibly balanced and not at all a hop bomb like a lot of American IPAs can be, pine resin hits the tongue first but is quickly dissipated by the sweet citrus. Lemon, blood orange, and a touch of malt lead into a smooth, almost tart, finish. Perfect with some jerk chicken fresh off the grill.
6 pk Cans | 7.5% ABV | 45 IBUs



Lefthand Brewing | Good Juju | Ale Brewed with Ginger
Lefthand Good Juju I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of ginger. I had a straight-up glass of non-alcoholic ginger beer the other night. Moscow mules are my jam! Good Juju is right up my alley and could be up yours too. An intense nose of ginger is followed by notes of sweet malt, rye, and a bit of hop resin. The flavor seamlessly marries all of these flavors into one cohesive drink. If you’re afraid of ginger for its spiciness or due to the fact that it tends to linger, rest assured, the spice is mild, and the finish is short. An absolute dynamite pairing with most Asian dishes, your takeout champion!
6 pk Cans | 4.5% ABV | 20 IBUs



Boulevard | Ginger-Lemon Radler
boulevard-ginger-lemon-radler It’s tough to find something more refreshing than a Radler. Throw some ginger in there and you’ve got a heck of replenishing beer. Radler, traditionally a blend of beer and soda or lemonade, has been modernized by the fine folks at Boulevard. They have added a good amount of lemon and ginger to a wheat-based beer and the results are wonderful. On the nose, ginger, being the overpowering spice that it is, takes up most of the nose space, but the lemon does sneak its way through. The lemon definitely has more real estate on the palate but is still dwarfed by the ginger. The combination of the two, though, ends with a crisp refreshing finish. This would actually be super good with the unofficial fruit of summer, watermelon.
6 pk Cans | 4.1% ABV | 12 IBUs


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