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Happy Minnesota Month Y’all! It’s August and, at Top Ten Liquors, that means it’s Minnesota Month. The month we celebrate all things Minnesota. For me, that means I have a better excuse for buying and drinking beers from some of my favorite breweries, trying new beers from newer breweries, and telling you all about these beers! I also get to spoil myself a bit because all Minnesota beer, spirits, and wine are on sale for the entire month! Yep! 10% off Minnesota beer and spirits, and 20% off all Minnesota wines. All. Effing. Month.

That being said, this entire month I’m going to be featuring a bunch of Minnesota beers ranging from brand new to the stores to some good old standby’s, and everything in between.

Let’s celebrate!

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Tin Whiskers | DekaWatt | Watts Wheat Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Let’s kick it off with the most special bottle currently in our stores, in my opinion. I may be a bit biased in this but it’s because I had a hand, albeit, a very small hand, but still a hand. Over a year ago, I gave the fine folks at Tin Whiskers a 1792 bourbon barrel, of which we bought the entire run of liquid from that barrel. They took their Watts Wheat Wine, filled the barrel, and let it sit for 12 months. The thoughtfulness that Tin Whiskers put into the life of this barrel resulted in, in my opinion, the best beer we’ve done a collaboration with. A boozy nose gives way to aromas of vanilla, oak, bourbon, maple, and stone fruit. Truly delightful. The palate is first sweet with brown sugar, vanilla, and maple which is followed by peach, oak, and heat from the booze. The booze is nowhere near hidden, nor should it be. It’s warming as it goes down and relaxes every muscle letting you sink deeper into the trance of deliciousness. With just over 100 bottles produced, it won’t last long. Grab a few too, one for now and two for those tough winter months not too far off in the future!
750 ml | 9.4% ABV | N/A IBUs



Broken Clock Brewing | Minute Man | NE IPA
Minnesota Month - Broken Clock Minnesota has two brewery co-ops. The first, and most notable, is Fair State, and the second, and newest (as of right now) is Broken Clock. Currently located in NE Minneapolis in 56 Brewing’s old space (about 780 sq. ft. of space), Broken Clock is in the process of building their new taproom, an old construction warehouse with an ample 5,000 sq. ft. of open space. Being a co-op, the members have a lot of say on the beers that are being produced, including this beer, Minute Man. Inspired by two of their members, Cory Whitmer and Nate Dixon, Minute Man is Broken Clock’s version of a NE IPA in their little taproom, and probably one of the first ever NE IPAs ever brewed in that little space. This hazy IPA has aromas of tropical fruit, pear, orange, biscuit, and a touch of earthiness. The flavor starts with a nice creamy mouthfeel followed by mango, orange, more tropical fruits, bready malts, and a mild bitterness. With more of that earthiness, Minute Man is a unique version of a NE IPA, and it works. The sweetness and earthiness tend to balance each other out. Looking forward to seeing their new space open soon! August would be a good month for that… I mean, it’s Minnesota Month! What do you think, Jeremy, dual celebrations? Also, if you’re looking to get a taste of Minute Man PLUS some of their other crafty beers, head over to our Blaine location for their tasting tonight!
Crowler | 6.6% ABV | 45 IBUs



Bad Weather | Munich Helles | Traditional Bavarian Lager
Minnesota Month - Bad Weather Some of the most difficult beers to produce are traditional lagers. They take both patience and persistence to get right. They’re easy to screw up, and when you do, it’s obvious. Bavarian Helles Lagers were invented in Germany around the year 1895 to compete with the ever-popular Czech Pilsner. Helles, although easy to make puns of, is German for bright, which is exactly what Bad Weather‘s version of this traditional Lager exemplifies. This version is German through and through by sourcing all of the ingredients, minus the water, from its German roots. The nose is crazy good with hints of bready malts, crisp crackers, a touch of pepper, and a nice zest of lemongrass from the Noble Hallertau hop. As it hits the tongue, clean flavors of cracker and toasty malts are complemented by sweet lemon peel and butterscotch. When people say they like their beer to “taste like beer,” this is what they’re referencing, or at least should be referencing.
4 pk 16 oz Cans | 5% ABV | 17 IBUs


* Please Note that not all products are available at all locations. Do you want one of the beers mentioned? Ask your local Top Ten Liquors to carry it!
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