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It’s Father’s Day on Sunday if you didn’t notice from all of the ads floating around your computer and/or TV screens. It can be tough to find the perfect gift, but lucky for you, your dad probably likes beer, and I know a few things about beer.

The best gifts come from the heart and hold meaning. With these three beers, you’ll be sure to find meaning to fit the personality of your dad, your friend’s dad, or even yourself.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Anchor Brewing | Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Steam Beer
Let’s start with one of the most classic/iconic beers in the modern American craft beer world. First brewed in 1896, “Steam Beer” derives its name from the 19th-century nickname for beer brewed on the west-coast. This nickname most likely originated from the practice of fermenting the beer on San Francisco’s rooftops in a cool climate in lieu of having ice to cool down the wort. On the nose, you’ll find some awesome notes of citrus, a strong hop bitterness, and a yeasty floral quality. Super clean and crisp with characteristics of floral hops, grapefruit tartness, and some minor malts. A timeless treat deserving of the glass for any father.
6 pk Bottles | 4.9% ABV | 35% ABV



North Coast | Old Rasputin | Russian Imperial Stout
Old Rasputin Now to make fun of Dad for a hot sec. He’s old and Old Rasputin as the word “old” in it! Fun finished. Brewed with a ton of history in mind, Old Rasputin was brewed in the tradition of 18th-century brewers who supplied beer to the court of Russia’s Catherine the Great. Not for the craft beer novice due to its intense aromas of roasted malt, coffee, a good amount of chocolate, and vanilla. The creamy mouthfeel leads to more roasted malts and chocolate on the tongue followed by a bit of hop spice, espresso, and finishing with a pleasantly dry finish. Like I said before, not for just any dad, but maybe your dad? Make sure you make the “old” joke. It’ll kill.
4 pk Bottle | 9% ABV | 75 IBUs



Miller Brewing | Hamm’s | American Adjunct Lager
Hamms You know, not all fathers like craft beer. I don’t get it either, but whatever. It’s their life, they can live it drinking cheap beer. Let’s break it down though. This former local beer, now brewed in Wisconsin, has over 150 years of brewing history. Originally brewed in good ol’ St. Paul in 1865, it lived in the family until 1968 when Miller purchased the brewery. Prior to Miller, the beers were known for being clean and crisp due to Minnesota’s pristine water and of a high quality. The aromatics are just as you would expect from an American Adjunct Lager with sweet corn, malts, and a very mild hop bitterness. True to original form, Hamm’s is still crisp with characteristics of corn and barley followed by a smooth creamy finish. Sweet enough with a low enough ABV to be a summer crushing when you’re needing to choose between food or craft beer. Grab one for the dad who has everything, he probably doesn’t have any Hamm’s.
30 pk Can | 4.7% ABV | N/A IBUs


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