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That’s all we need say about that. Let’s take this clean slate and run with it! Whether you are a practiced resolutioner or just ready to shake the dust off, we’ve come up with a small but fun way to better ourselves in the New Year: new wine! We’ve got a two-part action plan to help you break out of your vino rut and find new regions, varietals, and styles that cover all the bases of your old reliables.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly popular in the US, and rightly so! Crisp and zippy with trademark notes of tropical fruit, citrusy grapefruit, and fresh cut grass and herbs, wines from Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, and Waipara Valley are classic for Sauv Blanc lovers. But don’t let them blind you to the magic of other Sauvignon Blanc regions or even — gasp — other grape varietals that will tick all your boxes in tasty new ways.

Of equal renown, and the ancestral home of Sauvignon Blanc, are the French regions of the Loire Valley — Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Though similarly showcasing bright citric acid, they tend to express more herbaceous, flinty, and mineral-driven notes than their New Zealand counterparts. Sound wild? Fear not — we have baby steps for you.

Step 1: The ever-so-affordable Le Hameau Sauvignon Blanc. Le Hameau gives us the vibrant fruit we crave from New Zealand in the form of lemon curd and white peach, but provides signature French greenness for balance.

 Step 2: If you are really ready to branch out, try Daniel Chotard Sancerre. Although Daniel Chotard displays the hallmark flinty minerality and grassy, almost hay-like notes of Sancerre, it’s aged on its lees, lending it a richer texture and body that allows juicy citrus and white blossom to shine.

The Plunge: Hiedler “Loess” Gruner Vetliner. This is a high-acid wine with huge depth of flavor – key lime, tart apricot, dried mango, orange blossom, and white pepper come together with stunning presence and balance. A visceral experience of the eponymous Loess soil minerality, Weingut Hiedler delivers Kamptal Gruner that somehow feels unique and classic at the same time.

Fortune favors the bold! And those who follow the wine advice of Zoe Henson, your 2021 Bottle Coach and Wine Lead at St Louis Park. (We have a feeling you’ll want to thank her for these recommendations.) Happy New Year and happy sipping!

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