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Hello again. It is becoming stout season with the brews ,but not necessarily the weather. I, for one, am ok with this! To ease us into the season of roasted, malty goodness I have focused on the sweet succulent flavors of coffee. There are so many coffee brews available currently, that it was difficult to pick just two, but here are a few of the good ones. Hope you enjoy!.

– Cassie

And Now, the Brews


Stone | Xocoveza | Winter Spiced Mocha Stout
Stone’s Winter Spiced Mocha Stout highlights cocoa, coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg. There is a great texture added with my favorite ingredient: peppers! With so much happening, they really found a way to balance it perfectly. Nose of cocoa and coffee. You take your first sip, you get hit with the coffee, nutmeg and vanilla. As you smack your lips you get the added underlying heat from the peppers, faint enough to give it depth but not spicy. As the beer warms up in your glass the cinnamon really shines through. This treat will warm you from the inside out.
6pk btl | 8.1% ABV | 50 IBUs




LTD Brewing | Amy’s Dream | Irish Coffee Stout
LTD Amy's Dream A fantastic Cold-Press Coffee Stout. Nose of fresh cold-press coffee, cocoa and vanilla. LTD Brewing out of Hopkins, MN uses Caribou Coffee’s Amy’s Dark Roast Blend Coffee then adds the other tastiness of cocoa and vanilla beans, making this Irish Stout so desirable. When you pour it into your glass, you get a nice frothy head that finalizes as a nice creamy cap. Drink Up! The flavors of cold press coffee hang out in your mouth and finish with a slight cocoa taste. One for the books.
750 btl | 6.3% ABV | N/A IBUs

LTD will be at the Blaine store on Saturday, November 12th 2-5pm. So stop by and see what else they have to offer!

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