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It’s officially December and, despite the recent wave of above-average warm weather, the cold and snow are right around the corner. Now, if you’ve lived in Minnesota long enough, you’ll discover there are three types of people during the winter. There are those that get out of dodge at the first nip in the weather, which we like to call the “Snowbirds”. There are those that absolutely despise the winter, but, for one reason or another put up with the consistent below zero, subterranean temperatures. Finally, there are those weirdos that wish Winter was a year-round occurrence. They love every aspect, the white stuff, the frozen water, the take-you-breathe-away hurricane force winds, and the 7-day-straight negative degree digits.

If you think about it, humans aren’t all that complicated, and lucky for you, there is a beer for each persona. Each beer will help make these next 4 months more bearable, or, at the least, less numbing, or maybe more numbing, depending on how you want to look at it. Where do you fall? Which kind of Minnesotan are you?

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Maui Brewing | Coconut Hiwa | Coconut Porter
This beer represents all of those “Snowbirds”. You know, those people that, when the first instance of the white fluff falls from the sky, they bolt to warmer climates, say, I don’t know, Maui or some such place with warm weather year round. With a luscious milk chocolate aroma blended with coconut and cocoa, this beer is the epitome of what a Minnesotan “Snowbird” represents. The essence of a good winter beer, but with the backbone of an island resort. Light to medium bodied with flavors of chocolate, toasted coconut, roasted coffee and a slight earthiness. A beer that, on the surface, looks like a winter beer, but, when you get down and dirty with it, represents a refreshing beer perfect for the warmer weather.
4 pk 12 oz Cans | 6 % ABV | 30 IBUs



New Belguim | Accumulation | White India Pale Ale
accumulation-new-belgium For those of you following along, this beer represents those fine folks that are not a fan of winter, always complaining about the cold and snow, but are forced to put up with it. Accumulation is a White IPA, which simply means it’s a combination of an American IPA and a wheat-based Belgian Wit. Giving it the bitterness of an IPA with the sweeter characteristic of a Belgian Wit, which represents those brave soles who battle through winter each year. Sweet, crisp, notes of tropical fruits, but ultimately bitter and semi-dry. The nose boasts aromas of citrusy tropical fruits, earthy hops, and a bit of tartness from the Belgian side of the beer. With a thick frothy head of foam that resembles fresh snowfall, flavors of the wheat sweetness filling out just the right balance of hop presence with more of those tropical fruits and a nice sturdy malt body. Some earthy, straw, and alcohol on the back end. A delicious beer to help those coping with the coming accumulation dream of warmer weather. It’s only about 4 months away, keep your head high!
6 pk Bottle | 6.2% ABV | 55 IBUs



Ommegang | Winter Is Here | Double White Ale
Ommegang Winter is Here One look at the bottles, plus the inclusion of the name, tells you one thing about the person drinking this beer, “Winter is here and, dammit, I am ready for it.” This is the person that loves winter, the cold, the snow, the ice, and, most of all, the blisteringly cold wind. Brewed specifically for the latest season of Game of Thrones, this Double White Ale has aromas of white pepper, coriander, spice, clover, and honey. As it warms, a light farmhouse funk comes out, but it’s not really overtly-rustic or Brett-y, which turns many people off. A nice unique nose jumping from the rim. The taste of this beer is floral and spicy with salt, coriander, clove and nutmeg aspects prickling the palate. Rounding out with white pepper, noble-hop characteristics, and wheat malts, this beer is truly a winter lover’s best friend.
750 ml | 8.3% ABV | N/A IBUs


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