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Almost every day I hear about a new beer or brewery that is trying to push the envelope. It seems as though brewers are trying to do whatever they can to stand out in a crowded market, as it should be. Some breweries are leading the way and creating truly unique beers, while others fall short, some even fall flat. Without invention, without experimentation, there is no progression. Now, this doesn’t mean we overlook tradition, but rather build off of tradition. Once the tradition has been mastered, experimentation, again, becomes the next feasible step in the creation of beer.

For this week’s blog, I wanted to put a spotlight on a brewery that is pushing boundaries, a brewery that is looking at and playing around with tradition and a beer that stands out amongst the sea of beers.

– Tyler

And Now, the Brews


Modist Brewing | pHresh | Light Tart Ale
Coming into the game early last year, Modist had a lot of hype backing them, head brewer coming from Dangerous Man, Head of Operations hailing from Lucid (now North Loop) and a couple others coming from different sectors of the liquor industry. Lucky for us, they have stood up to the hype, being crowned “Best New Brewery 2016” by readers of the Growler Mag. Now, Modist is pushing the envelope and creating beers, not focused on style, but taste. One way they are achieving this is with a world class mash filter as opposed to a mash tun. This mash filter allows for filtering that rivals that of big beer, giving them the ability to experiment with grain bills that are drastically different and, for most, unobtainable for other breweries. That all being said, pHresh, one of their flagship beers, is a perfect intro to sour beers. Light in body and color, the nose and tongue come up with similar flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, some malt sweetness and a slight tartness at the finish. Refreshing, slightly tart and crushable are the best ways to describe this beer!
750ml Crowler | 4.5% ABV | 14 IBUs




Lakes & Legends | Harmony Farm | Saison
lake-n-legend-harmony-4pk Coming out of Downtown Minneapolis, Lakes & Legends has been around for just over a year and brews beer to be “Farm to Table” inspired. The goal is to brew traditional beers and then play off those traditions to create something new and unique. Harmony Farm is a traditional Saison with slight improvisations, perhaps not in recipe or brewing process, but, definitely, in flavor. The nose brings forward apple, spice, farm and yeast. The taste is similar with apple and yeast with some malt flavors and some good peppery hop bitterness on the finish. More fruit forward than most Saisons so don’t go into this thinking “traditional Saison”. Also, be on the lookout for some barrel aged goodies that will be hitting our shelves at some point later this year… There may or may not be a Tequila barrel involved.
4pk btl | 5.8% ABV | 27 IBUs




Founders | Re-DANKulous | Imperial Red IPA
reDANKulous2017Feature If you don’t know much craft beer lingo, “Dank” may seem like an interesting descriptor. To many, it is referring to an aroma similar to that of Marijuana, but when you break down the aroma even further, to me, it’s a combination of musty, funky and fresh with some tropical notes. That being said, the goal of this beer, as the name ReDANKulous suggests, is to harness that aroma. It does. The nose boasts of dank with added maltiness, pine, and resin. The hops come forward on the tongue with the addition of the tropical fruits, pine, and a strong malty backbone. The 9.5% is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean this is a chugging beer, quite the opposite, actually. Grab one for yourself and let me know what you think! Also, lucky for you, we have this at a ReDANKulously good sale price of $5.97an easy decision at that price.
4pk btl | 9.5% ABV | 90 IBUs


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